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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Alias          : RICK HANSON 2

Game Type          : Text Adventure

Author               :

Standalone Release(s)  : 1985: PROJECT THESIUS, Robico, £9.95

Compilation Release(s) : 1986: SAGA OF A SPY, Robico, £24.95

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron

Supplier            : ROBICO, 3 Fairland Close, Llantrisant, MID GLAMORGAN CF7 8QH

Disc compatibility     : Unknown




"PROJECT THESIUS: RICK HANSON 2 is a text only, machine code adventure for the BBC B and Acorn Electron. The game has been written with the aid of MIDGE The Message Compression System. It has over 200 atmospherically described locations, hundreds of messages, devious problems, many objects to collect and examine and other characters to meet. The amount of text crammed into the micros has to be seen to be believed!"


Entering Commands

PROJECT THESIUS has an advanced command line interpreter which allows you to type, in upper or lower case, unpunctuated sentences and multiple statements. The program analyses your command and acts on certain "key" words.


FROM TIME TO TIME, THE MESSAGE "I need more information" MAY APPEAR. This means that the computer understood part of what you typed but needed an extra word or phrase to carry out the command. For example, GIVE HELMET would not be sufficient. The correct phrase might be GIVE THE HELMET TO THE MAN or GIVE THE MAN THE HELMET.


To enter multiple statements simply leave a SPACE between each set of commands. For example, to go north then west you could type NORTH (SPACE) WEST on the same line.


Most words may be abbreviated. For example, GET becomes G, LOOK becomes L, EXAMINE becomes EX, NORTHWEST becomes NW and DOWN becomes D. Keep commands simple as it is usually the case that two or three "key" words need to be linked to carry out the desired action.


The program has a limited understanding of the words IT and THEM. They act on the last object mentioned on the current line. For example LOOK AT THE SHOES THEN WEAR THEM. To repeat a complete command line, press the TAB key.


The following are examples of command lines to help you during play. Some of the object names may have been changed so as not to spoil your enjoyment of the adventure.




OPEN DOOR                           EMPTY THE CHEST AND GET


DROP THE HAMMER                     TAKE ALL


WEAR THEM                           READ IT



KNIFE                               CLOSE THE DOOR


SHUT THE DOOR                       PRESS THE BUTTON


The following system commands may also be used:

SAVE            : Save current game position to cassette or disc

RESTORE or LOAD : Load a previous position from cassette or disc


CLS             : Clears the screen

TEXT 0-7        : Set text colour

SCREEN 0-7      : Set background colour

QUIT            : Start again


The Dossier

"One of our most reliable sources has sent word that the eneny has made a major breakthrough in particle beam technology and is currently developing an Adventure Weapons System. This work is being carried out under the code name Project Thesius. If we are to retain the balance of power, it is imperative that we find out more about Project Thesius.


It is my considered opinion that we send an agent in, undercover, to obtain as much information as he can about the A.W.S. One of our submarines will beach the agent at Fisherman's Cove and will remain in the surrounding waters awaiting the agent's return. Further information will be provided once the agent has landed - some in subtle form so as not to raise the suspicions of the local authorities.


This mission will require the services of our most intrepid agent: Rick Hanson.




Make a map. Remember that all the puzzles in this adventure have logical solutions and there is no 'magic'. Read descriptions carefully as they may contain clues.



To use this help sheet, find the question to which you require either a hint or answer in the list below. [The original help sheet is set out in a different format which is more problematic with a text file format]


How do I dry myself?

H:   Find something absorbent

A:   Remove the flippers and diving suit then dry with the towel


How do I stop myself tripping on the path?

H:   Don't be so clumsy!

A:   Remove your flippers!


What should I do in the cave?

H:   The sand is soft!

A:   Dig


How do I open the chest?

H:   Type a numeric code

A:   Read the page torn from the directory. Note that "Billy" can only relate to "W. Short 640". Go to the cave, dig up the chest and then type 640


How do I use the telephone?

H:   Read the notice

A:   Lift the receiver, insert the coin into the slot and dial 640


How do I pass the guard post?

H:   Obey all the rules!

A:   Ensure you are dry and that no swimming gear is present. Give the guard the beach pass (from the overalls)


How do I map the village?

H:   Make each location different. [Read the descriptions carefully]

A:   Drop objects


How do I pass the dog?

H:   Draw the dog's attention away from yourself

A:   Drop the rabbit before opening the gate


What should I do in the field?

H:   Read the location description carefully!

A:   Drop snare, leave the field then return to the field to find a rabbit.


Where is the carnation?

H:   Where do flowers sometimes grow?

A:   The carnation is in the flower bed in the cottage garden


What use is the cheesewire?

A:   Make a snare. Make sure you are not wearing the gloves!


What use is the name tag?

H:   Read it for a clue

A:   "Billy" gives a hint to the 'phone number and the chest code


What does the message in the newspaper mean?

H:   It is a coded message!

A:   The cinema name refers to the end of the forest road which lies to the east of Witherton. Go north into the forest from the end of the road. The times refer to directions. Imagine a clock face where the numbers are translated into directions. 12 would be north, 3 would be east. Therefore 3.00 would be northeast, 3.15 would be east, etc.


How do I pass the wild boar?

H:   Don't hang about!

A:   Use the directions from the coded message in the newspaper


How do I leave the clearing at the end of the forest?

A:   Jump!             


How do I work the helmet?

H:   Find a source of power      

A:   Insert the battery into the helmet. Switch the light on/off


How do I cross the high wall?

H:   Climb something nearby

A:   Climb the tree. Make your make to the topmost branch. Tie the sheet to the branch and then climb down the sheet to the far side of the wall.


How do I avoid the bees?

H:   Hide somewhere

A:   Go into the water trough


How do I enter the castle?

H:   Avoid the obvious route!

A:   Wait for the helicopter to fly over for a second time. Go to the eastern area of dusty ground and a trapdoor into the castle sewers will have been revealed. Open trapdoor with a spanner then enter


Where is the spanner?

H:   The village!

A:   Remove your overalls in the village and wait!


The helicopter kills me. How can I avoid it?

H:   Don't hang about!   

A:   Enter the castle


How do I prevent the guards from noticing me?

H:   Stop making your presence obvious!

A:   Turn the lamp on your helmet off


How do I leave the courtyard?

H:   Avoid the obvious route!

A:   Climb trellis


How do I work the dumbwaiter?

A:   Raise or lower the dumbwaiter.


Why am I captured in the corridors?

H:   You obviously don't work in the castle!

A:   Wear the mask and the lab coat


How do I open the sliding door?

H:   Type a password into the computer

A:   Go to the alcove nearby and wait for someone to use the door


How do I open the laboratory door?

H:   Find an electronic device to open the door

A:   Take the weighing scales to the door and stand on them


How do I get the plans?

H:   Who do you think has them?

A:   Kill the professor


How do I kill the professor?

H:   Strangle him

A:   Wear the gloves. Strangle the professor with the snare


How do I stop the alarm going off?

H:   Turn it off

A:   Pull the lever in the storeroom


How do I map the mined beach?

H:   Look in the security room for a clue

A:   Examine the map in the security room


When I reach the jetty, nothing happens. Why?

H:   Signal your colleagues

A:   If your boat is not waiting, you have failed to signal the submarine


What should I do at the pinnacle?

H:   Signal your colleagues

A:   Signal with the helmet at the pinnacle overlooking the sea!


How do I escape the guards and dogs?

H:   Don't hang about!

A:   Keep moving to evade them! Remember you're a super-fit secret agent!


How do I see in the dark?

H:   Shed some light on the problem!

A:   Light the helmet


How do I stand on the wall?

A:   You can't


How do I signal the helicopter?

A:   You can't



Instructions' Source   : FIVE STAR GAMES 3 (Beau Jolly) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User)

After playing the first Rick Hanson game, I couldn't really see that Robico could improve the quality of their games. I was wrong - they have. The dossier that comes in the game's packaging outlines Rick Hanson's latest mission. The enemy has made a breakthrough in an advanced weapons system using it.

Rick's mission is to discover as much about it as he can, which will require him to get the plans for the system. A submarine drops him at Fisherman's Cove, a secluded spot on the enemy shoreline. The submarine will stay in the area until Rick has finished his mission and will then pick him up.

To help him, various undercover agents in the area have left instructions - some in the form of subtle clues - and others will meet him to aid him in his task. You start on the beach at Fisherman's Cove. It is very cold and the first thing you should do is find something to help you get dry.


When you find it, removing your wet clothing first will help and if you wipe the towel rather than yourself you should find that you can start to concentrate on your mission.

Examining the towel will provide a clue, and you should now look for a telephone box. Examining everything when you get there will give you some numbers to try if you go back to the cave and dig.


One of them will provide you with some clothing. A visit back to the telephone box, now that you know which number to use, will allow you to hear a message giving details of the location where you will meet your first contact.

You can ignore the helicopter for the time being, and an examination of your clothing will find you on the outskirts of Winterton, the village where you are to meet your first contact.

While PROJECT THESIUS isn't the hardest adventure I've ever played, it is the most enjoyable. The location descriptions are full with masses of detail. A superb game that I can highly recommend.


Presentation .................... 9
Atmosphere ..................... 10
Frustration factor .............. 8
Value for money ................ 10
Overall ......................... 9


Paul Gardener, ELECTRON USER 3.12