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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Text Adventure (Rated Moderate)

Author             : Brian Howarth

Standalone Release(s)   : 1986: REBEL PLANET, Adventure International, £7.99

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron

Supplier            : ADVENTURE INTERNATIONAL, 85 Summer Street, BIRMINGHAM

                    B19 3TE

Disc compatibility     : Unknown




"F"ighting "F"antasy/Adventure International UK Ltd.


"As the might of the alien Arcadian Empire tightens its hold on our galaxy, the leaders of the secret Earth organisation, SAROS, gather their slender resources into one last daring and fooolhardy mission to strike at the heart of the invaders' home planet.


"YOU are their last hope. Equipped with a forbidden laser sword, your mission is to seek out the underground resistance and piece together the vital code you need to destroy the enemy. But time is running out and only YOU stand in the way of the Arcadians' complete domination of the galaxy!"


Mission Background

As the mighty alien Arcadian Empire tightens its hold on the galaxy, the leaders of the secret Earth organisation SAROS gather their slender resources into one last daring and foolhardy mission to strike at the heart of the invaders' home planet.


Preparing for your secret mission has been a long and patient task. The Search And Research Of Space organisation (SAROS) has had to change; although it has been doing all it can to overthrow the strangle-hold of the Arcadian Empire.


A full scale military attack is out of the question and the only hope of success is a solo mission to destroy the Arcadian's queen computer which controls and organises the minds of the Arcadian troops.


You are the perfect choice for the mission: you are courageous, resourceful and dedicated to liberation.


Your cover is excellent; you will travel as a merchant to the planets Troops, Halmurus and Arcadion all of which form part of the Arcadian Empire.


On board the merchant ship CAYDIA you will discover many useful items for your mission, not least of which is a laser sword. (Warning - deactivate the laser when not in use!)


SAROS has been able to send spies on ahead to gather information before your arrival - find these contacts for new data.


The building that houses the queen computer on the planet Arcadion can be entered by using a numerical code of nine binary digits. (Binary digits are either 0 or 1; so, 110 would be three binary digits.) The underground spy networks may know something to help you discover these digits.


You must locate the rebel leaders, learn the digits, then destroy the queen computer before it destroys you!


Conducting Your Mission

REBEL PLANET has an extensive vocabulary of words (approx. 400) which you can use to enter player COMMANDS.


To enter a COMMAND, just type in what you want to do, to give you an example, some possible commands are listed below:

        GET SCANNER                            DROP THE CARD

        EXAMINE THE SCREEN                     WEAR THE LIMCOM


        PRESS THE RED BUTTON                   CLIMB THE STAIRS





These are just a few simple COMMANDS but as you can see, they range from simple two word (VERB-NOUN) instructions to multiple action COMMANDS. Phrases of multiple nouns should be separated from each other with the use of AND or by a comma:-




Several separate actions may be included in one COMMAND but actions should be separated by a comma or the word THEN. If a noun is repeated in an ation, the noun may be replaced with the word IT:-






The use of the word THE is optional and no full stops are needed to end a COMMAND.

If you are new to playing adventures then stick to two word (VERB/NOUN) COMMANDS until you get the feel of the game; you will then find that the computer will soon tell you if you type a COMMAND it doesn't understand.


Special Command Words

LOOK          - This will redescribe your current loaction. (For a close inspection of an object use the word EXAMINE then the name of the object)

I or INVENTORY   - This will tell you what you are carrying.

WEAR          - This together with an object name allows you to wear an item.

REMOVE        - You can remove a worn object with this command.

QUIT          - This command will ask you if you want to plaay again and also ask if you want to RESTORE a saved game.

SAVE GAME     - This allows you to save the current game position. The saved game position may be reloaded by using the quit command, the answering YES to "Do you want to restore a saved game mission?"

WAIT          - There are times in the game where being able to wait has distinct advantages. This command will let the game move on one move - longer waits can be entered by WAIT 5; WAIT 10; WAIT 20: These commands can be useful when you have missed the bneuma-tube on Halmurus.

ADVANCE CT & RETARD CT see hints on play.


Travelling And Exploration

We have already seen examples like GO NORTH AND THEN WEST but to save on the old fingers abbreviations can also be used for directions:- N, S, E, NW etc. also U for up and D for down.


Hints On Play

The Caydia has a pre-programmed flight plan (examine screen for further data) which is controlled by CAYDIA TIME or CT for short. So; not only are you fighting to accomplish a dire mission but you have the CT factor to consider as well - the Caydia could take off without you! You will find that you have the means to monitor CT but you will also have two special COMMANDS that could be invaluable as the game progresses.



The ship's clock can, at certain times, be adjusted to speed up or slow down the CAYDIA's countdown sequence. ADVANCE CT will move time on, RETARD CT will move the clock back.


WARNING: RETARD CT can only be used once during your mission to delay the ship's take-off to the next planet! This is due to the Zorton crixium configuration or put another way, we don't want to make things too easy now, do we?


Ensure that both personal status levels are replenished before leaving the ship, carrying a spare HCAP is recommended.


The ARCADIANS have banned humans from carrying weapons, therefore unless you plan on using a weapon, keep it out of sight of the Officials.


Remember to TALK to people (even some ARCADIANS might listen to you). At times this can give you valuable clues.


Finally, examine everything for clues or information on use etc. Brains can sometimes be more effective than brawn, and lets face it, SAROS reckon you are their number 1 agent, so take it away MAESTRO!



REBEL PLANET "How?" Cheat Sheet

Look up the item you are stuck on in the index of objects. The description will describe what each object does. But, for the real cheats out there, I tell lies!



ARCESS CARD              Insert to purchase

ALLOY STRIP              Soft and bendable

ANALGESIC AMPOULE        A comfort to the dying

ARCADIAN PATROL          Best avoided if the odds are against you

ATOMIC BATTERY           Needed in the Queen Computer Room

ARCADIAN BIBLE           Reading material for a lonely galactic traveller

AGRICULTURAL STATION     You'll need directions to get there: probe ahead

ARCADIAN OFFICER         Do your duty. Pay taxes and do exactly as they suggest

ANGRY ARCADIANS          Impress them with your generosity. Give tickets

ARSENAL                  Attack with burning laser


BLACK BOOK               Interesting reading

BRANCH                   Carrying this will be good exercise

BONES                    A mouth-watering treat for someone

BUTTONS                  Avoid the red. Examine all openings before you enter

BASE FENCE               Needs disabling & cutting. Meet Professor first!

BATTERY                  Remove from Limcom. Implant in Elmonite


COFFEE                   Tastes like all vending machine coffee - treacely mud!

COS-MOP                  Buy everything

CABLE-CUTTERS            Easy!

CONSOLE                  Contains an exit

CRYSTAL                  A sonic opener. Tap with the fork

CAYDIA                   Don't change course

CRAG-SNAPPER             Likes a good tune

COMPUTIK                 Insert card in Computik

CELL                     Bend bars with wrench & leave with burning laser


DISPLAY CASE             The glass will melt. Use sword

DELTRACTOR               Removes covers especially in vandalised visiphone booth

DYING MAN                Inject ampoule into man

DROID                    Programmed to maintain functioning star-ship

DORADO                   The shadow will help you with the password

DISPENSER                Insert card into dispenser - regularly

DUSTMAN DROID            You'll never catch him - he cleans away items left in the complex

DISK                     Insert in vandalised visi-phone


ELMONITE                 The answer to your problems


FUEL CAPSULE             Will refuel a domian rat trap - but little else


GRILLE                   Can only be opened by pressing yellow button. Examine the passage first

GUARD MUSEUM             Easily bribed with the chuckling stuff

GUARD ARSENAL            Attack with burning laser

GRAVITY BOMB             Not to be used in normal gravity


HATCH                    Press I.H. which means Inner Hatch to open and close O.H. which means Outer Hatch

HAL-WOLF                 Hungry - but short on patience. Give dog a bone

HOTEL RECEPTION          Help the wounded. Examine the fist and even the

(TROPOS) desk

HOTEL RECEPTION          Read the adverts on the pneumo-tube



HCAP                     Concentrated protein. Carry a spare

HALMURIAN BREW           Don't drink it! Give it to someone who needs a laugh!

HALMKEY                  Opens alcove

HOVER CAR                A quick ride home. Do as you're told


IMPALED HEAD             Wear mind-probe after making sure you have all you need to continue

IMPERIAL CODE BOOK       Unbelievably difficult to find, good thing you won't need it. Now stop cheating!


JET PACK                 Refuel - wear, pull joystick to cross river, get to cave and get to small building.


KEY (HOTEL)              Would you believe it unlocks the hotel room?


LIMCOM                   Press button. S.S for Ship Status, P.S. for Personal Status, I.H. for open and close Inner Hatch and O.H. for open and close Outer Hatch.

LIMPET MINE              Kills 99% of household limpets!

LITE KUBE                Examine it to set what's inside. Drop things in the kube. Get things from the kube. Anti-gravity makes them lighter so you can carry more!

LASER SWORD              Activate to use, de-activate when not in use to avoid over-heating and exploding


MIND PROBE               Wear it when with impaled head to communicate

MESSAGE FROM UNDERGROUND      Follow the message after viewing tropean temple which has five circles over the door (00000 = X010X = 010)

MUSEUM                   Don't fight here!


OPENING IN SEWER         Fire rope gun and climb


PASSENGER                Talk to the poor, demented alien twice then ask for help

PNEUMA-TUBE              Buy a pass, get on and wait for your stop

POLICIER                 Odds on you'll have to be prepared to attack before he  summons help! Activate the laser before you get here

PASSAGE FROM INTEROGATION     Examine before entering


PHOSPHATE STROBE         Serpents hate intense flashing lights - so switch it on!

PAPER                    Read it in the precinct and muse

PHASER                   Dr. Spock probably beamed up without it!

PHOTON GRENADE           Limited explosion. Perhaps a little too limited!

PHONIC FORK              Try tapping the crystal in the presence of sonic sensors

PANTANIUM POWER PAK      Aids fence disablement

PASSWORD (DORADO)        Shadow has it - Give Staff

PASSWORD (TROPOS)        Well, who did send you?


QUEEN COMPUTER           Set your explosive, get out fast and wait for the sound of  the explosion before you return


ROPE GUN                 Shoot it when you come across an opening

RIVER                    Cross with Jet Pak

REGENERATION UNIT        Use it to build up energy. The unit burns up protein so be  sure your protein level can take the strain!

ROTUND HOTELIER          Ask for... (Read the ad on the Pneuma-tube)


SPACEPORT                Go Caydia - if it's still there!

SEWERS                   Remove sewer cover in visi with the deltractor

SERPENT                  Switch strobe on - or run for it!

SECURITY ROBOT           Throw blanket over the robot

SCANNER                  View scanner in dark cave

SCOOTER                  It's not functioning - no parts availble - besides, you  won't need it on this trip

SEWER COVER              Remove with deltractor. The question is which one?

SMALL DISK               Insert in vandalised visi-phone

SHINY METAL              Grag-snappers like collecting rubbish

STAFF                    Give to shadow

SPY MISSILE              Crag-snappers like collecting rubbish

SHADOW                   Give Staff


TICKETS                  Give to impress angry arcadians

TWEEZERS                 Bend strip - will fit battery back in Limcom

TUBE PASS                To ride

TIN                      Fuel for jet

TRAVEL VALET             Talk to Valet


UNIVERSITY DOOR          Tap crystal with fork

UNDERGROUND              H.Q. Climb rope


VALET                    Talk to Valet

VISI PHONE               Insert card and give number required. If listed, you'll be  connected. If not, it will be foxed


WRENCH                   Bend bars in the cell with the wrench and climb out

WIRE                     Connect to power pak at the fence


ZELTA BLANKET            Throw over security robot


WARNING: Over-indulgence can spoil your fun!


REBEL PLANET "Where?" Cheat Sheet

Look up the item you are stuck on in the index of objects. The description next to it will describe where each particular object can be found. But, for the real cheats out there, I tell lies!



ARCESS CARD              Goodies from the Travel Valet

ALLOY STRIP              In Cargo Hold

ANALGESIC AMPOULE        Goodies from the Travel Valet

ARCADIAN PATROL          In Restricted Area

ATOMIC BATTERY           Inside Limcom (Remove Back)

ARCADIAN BIBLE           Hotel Bedroom, Halmuris

AGRICULTURAL STATION     On the Tundra, Halmuris

ARCADIAN OFFICER         At the Customs, Tropos

ANGRY ARCADIANS          Space Complex, Tropos

ARSENAL                  In the Queen Computer Building, Arcadion


BLACK BOOK               Examine the decapitated police officer

BRANCH                   By the river, Tundra

BONES                    Under the museum. Melt glass with laser.

BUTTONS                  Policer's Desk

BASE FENCE               One location from Tundra Station.

BATTERY                  On your wrist. Remove Limcom and remove back!


COFFEE                   In the University

COS-MOP                  N, NE from Sewer cover

CABLE-CUTTERS            In the University

CONSOLE                  Policer's Desk

CRYSTAL                  In the museum

CRAG-SNAPPER             In the cave across the river

COMPUTIK                 On the station platform

CELL                     Exactly where you don't want to be


DISPLAY CASE             In the museum

DELTRACTOR               In the cos-mop

DYING MAN                In the hotel, Trosleeze

DROID                    On board the good ship Caydia

DORADO                   Outside the agricultural station

DISPENSER                On board the good ship Caydia

DUSTMAN DROID            It moves around a lot

DISK                     In the dead man's fist


ELMONITE                 In the arsenal


FUEL CAPSULE             In the lite kube


GRILLE                   In the interrogation room passage

GUARD MUSEUM             Guarding a door beneath the museum

GUARD ARSENAL            Guarding weapons arsenal

GRAVITY BOMB             In the arsenal


HATCH                    On board the good ship Caydia

HAL-WOLF                 Across the river, Tundra

HOTEL RECEPTION          In the hotel, Trosleeze


HOTEL RECEPTION          In the hotel, Zoddi



HCAP                     In the on-board refreshment dispenser

HALMURIAN BREW           In the alcove at the Zoddi hotel

HALMKEY                  Hidden on the stone steps

HOVER CAR                Outside the agricultural station


IMPALED HEAD             Across the river, Tundra

IMPERIAL CODE BOOK       Hidden in the Romantio Gardens


JET PACK                 In the lite kube


KEY (HOTEL)              The Rotund Hotelier has it


LIMCOM                   On your wrist. Remove Limcom and remove back!

LIMPET MINE              In the arsenal

LITE KUBE                In the passenger cabin

LASER SWORD              In your cabin


MIND PROBE               In the crag-snappers' lair

MESSAGE FROM             In the Underground H.Q.


MUSEUM                   South from Hallis


OPENING IN SEWER         From your fall SE, N, N, E, S.


PASSENGER                On board the good ship Caydia

PNEUMA-TUBE              Calling at all stations, Halmuris

POLICIER                 The interrogation room


PHOSPHATE STROBE         In the cos-mop

PAPER                    In the Underground H.Q.

PHASER                   In the arsenal

PHOTON GRENADE           In the arsenal

PHONIC FORK              In the alcove at the Zoddi Hotel

PANTANIUM POWER PAK      In the passenger cabin

PASSWORD (DORADO)        With the shadow

PASSWORD (TROPOS)        Obvious!


QUEEN COMPUTER           On Arcadion


ROPE GUN                 In the cos-mop

RIVER                    On the Tundra, Halmuris

REGENERATION UNIT        In your cabin

ROTUND HOTELIER          In the hotel Zoddi


SPACEPORT                Where the Caydia docks

SEWERS                   Beneath the city of Tropos

SERPENT                  Through the sewers

SECURITY ROBOT           In the museum cellars

SCANNER                  Goodies from the Travel Valet

SCOOTER                  In cargo hold

SEWER COVER              One in the precinct, one in out-of-order visiphone

SMALL DISK               In the dead man's fist

SHINY METAL              In the crag-snappers' lair

STAFF                    Past the hal-wolf

SPY MISSILE              In the crag-snappers' lair

SHADOW                   On the Tundra, Halmuris


TICKETS                  Goodies from the Travel Valet

TWEEZERS                 In Cargo Hold

TUBE PASS                In the Computik

TIN                      Examine the dome-shaped boulder

TRAVEL VALET             In the airlock


UNIVERSITY DOOR          South at Yoto

UNDERGROUND H.Q.         Through the sewers


VALET                    In the airlock

VISI PHONE               On Tropos and Halmuris


WRENCH                   A gift from impressionable Arcadians

WIRE                     In the museum cellars


ZELTA BLANKET            Hotel Bedroom, Halmuris


WARNING: Over-indulgence can spoil your fun!



Instructions' Source       :  REBEL PLANET (Adventure International) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User) - "Space Capers"

When I was in the salad days of my youth, I enjoyed curling up with a copy of a Biggles or Jennings book. Nowadays, it seems, most 12-year-olds idle away their time reading Jackson and Livingstone Fighting Fantasy adventures. How I longed to see Biggles on TV, but never did.


Today, however, many youngsters' dreams are answered as Fighting Fantasy has now reached the screen, all be it on a computer monitor. REBEL PLANET was the first of this type of adventure I had seen. It is a far cry from the likes of RICK HANSON or SPHINX, as fans of Fantasy role playing books will realise.


The adventure takes place on a merchant space craft called Caydia and three planets in the evil Arcadian Empire. Your task is to locate resistance rebels then destroy the invader's Queen computer, before it destroys you.


As with many other adventures, you spend most of your time collecting artefacts to solve the problems you encounter on your journey: But there the similarity with other adventures ends. You have to cope with a dispenser on the space craft, into which you must regularly insert a card.


A digitised relation of K9 shuttles around while you are on the good ship Caydia. You also have to manage to advance or retard time to ensure you don't miss your transport.


To be successful you must deal with various random conflicts which have to be resolved in order to continue. That is not to say that battle is always the best course of action. For instance, an Arcadian guard needs to be paid rather than killed, and the patrols should be avoided at all costs, especially if the odds are against you.


It is also worth talking to any character you meet as even Arcadians may give valuable information. I really enjoyed the live feel of the game generated by the character movements, even if I found them a little irritating to the general solving of the adventure.


My only real criticism of this adventure - once I had made the quantum leap from the usual fare I come across - was the dire lack of location description. Hence I still feel that REBEL PLANET lacks a lot of the atmosphere which you would find in the book.


I also found the parser rather limited, but having said that, I am looking forward to seeing the second in this series: SEAS OF BLOOD. All in all, a good romp which I would recommend to anyone who would like a deviation from the usual.



* * * Second Opinion * * * (Electron User)

REBEL PLANET is an unusual adventure, and this alone makes it worthwhile considering. However, the poor location description and the lack of good command parser may be put off some adventurers. If these were improved slightly it would make a tremendous difference to the game.

Janice Murray


Presentation .................... 9

Atmosphere ...................... 5

Frustration factor .............. 7

Value for money ................. 8

Overall ......................... 7