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Professional, Originally Released On DFS 1900 Disc


Game Type          : Text Adventure; Disc-based

Authors             : Peter Killworth and Jon Thackray

Standalone Release(s)   : 1989: RETURN TO DOOM, Topologika, £9.95

Compilation Release(s)   : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier            : TOPOLOGIKA, 1 South Harbour, Harbour Village, Penryn,

                    CORNWALL TR10 8LR

Disc compatibility     : CDFS 1900, DFS 1900




TOPOLOGIKA are proud to present Peter Killworth's latest and greatest adventure.

RETURN TO DOOM is part two of his developing Doom Trilogy - and is every bit as baffling as COUNTDOWN TO DOOM, one of the classic games of all time!


About The Author...

By profession a theoretical research oceanographer - and occasional anthropologist and magician - PETER KILLWORTH's first attempt at this new entertainment form ('Philosopher's Quest') sold 25,000 copies.


About The Adventure...

The planet Doomawangara (Doom for short) is a dangerous place. As the only explorer ever to survive 1 (COUNTDOWN TO DOOM), you should know. However, an unexpected distress call sends you flying back to Doom in a mission to rescue an ambassador who has been kidnapped by renegade robots.


After surviving a deceptively simply beginning, you'll meet lots of original Killworth puzzles, alternative universes, werid weather, an empty field will never look the same again! You'll accrue a talkative four-legged friend who'll make you feel like laughing one minute and crying the next - maybe even both at the same time! The game ends with a danger-a-minute sequence that would even scare Indiana Jones (half) to death!


Screen Display

The top line contains a short description of where you are, together with your current score. The bottom section displays your current location in greater detail, together with your own input and the game's responses.


Specimen Commands



GET - takes the first relevant object

DROP - similar



HELLO - equivalent to saying it

LOOK - gives a full description of where you are

SAVE - stores your current position on disk

RESTORE - brings back the saved game

RESTART - begins at the beginning


VERBOSE - makes program always give the full description of where you are

NORMAL - makes program give full description the first time you arrive at a new place, with short descriptions for later visits

INVENTORY - lists your current possessions


The puzzles

You may be puzzled why the EXAMINE command is of only limited use. The game is conceived in such a way that in solving the puzzles you are not involved in merely happening to discover things about the objects. It is only by manipulating them where possible, or combing them in some way, that the relevant features are revealed. Some locations, however, do contain hidden depths...


On-line Help

If you get completely stuck, on-line help is available by typing HELP. Look up your problem on the list of hints and give the hint number you require.


You will then be given some sort of clue. The HELP facility is structured in stages so that you will initially get a partial clue, and will be given due warning if the entire puzzle is about to be revealed to you!



 I can't go north from the landing area                               1

 I get killed by the montipython                                      1

 I get driven back by the plant smell                                 2

 I get killed by the boogatigers                                      3

 I can't turn the lamp on                                             4

 I get chomped by the teeth                                           5

 I can't get through the door                                         6

 Nothing happens when I say 'PRONA'                                   7

 I get killed by the grobbler                                         8

 I die if I open the chlorine tank                                    9

 I can't get past the trap                                           10

 The tectonometer sometimes reads 'Overload'                         11

 I can't get through the cleft                                       12

 I got to the robot camp, but it's deserted and I can't go anywhere  13

 I can't get out of the cell                                         14

 I can't get into the safe                                           15

 I can't get through the dark passage                                16

 I die in the singularity                                            17

 I can't get back through the dark passage                           18

 Nothing happens when I press the shapes on the terminal             19

 Sometimes lethal rain hit me                                        20

 I bounce off the artefact                                           21

 I die entering the northeast artefact entrance                      22

 I can't see what the 'writing' on the artefact is                   23

 I can see, but can't read, the artefact writing                     24

 Nothing happens when I say 'TOGA'                                   25

 I don't know what to do with the rat                                26

 I can't get through the hatch in the artefact                       27

 I can't do anything with the bed                                    28

 Pressing the hemisphere doesn't do anything                         29

 I can't get past the ecosaurs                                       30

 I slide down the slope                                              31

 I can't get over the salt sea                                       32

 I can't get past the sabreboog                                      33

 I can't get past the allodiles                                      34

 I die when the winds blow me onto the sage                          35

 I can't get across the cornice                                      36

 I can't do anything with the computer                               37

 I keep running out of the scary jungle                              38

 I can see there are three levels in the arefact but I can only get

    to two                                                           39

 I can't get back past the ecosaurs                                  40

 I can't cross the alkaline lake                                     41

 I can't pick up the ball                                            42

 I can't escape the pteromorph in the desert                         43

 I can't get back across the sea                                     44

 What can I do in the large field?                                   45

 I can't dig properly in the centre of the field                     46

 I get killed by the buzzing noise                                   47

 I'm lost in the desert                                              48

 The droffids get me!                                                49

 I can see the helmet, but can't reach it                            50

 I die when I throw the ball                                         51

 The helmet smashes on the floor                                     52

 I lose everything I have when I drop through the hole in the

   artefact                                                          53

 I can't get my belongings back past the omnigrab                    54

 Should I catch the egg?                                             55

 I can't get out of the shifting halls                               56

 I have no idea what to do in the zero-gravity area                  57

 I die if I leave the raft                                           58

 When I press one of the shapes on the raft, I die                   59

 I can't get through the wormholes under the desert                  60

 I can't control the raft                                            61

 I can't get the boots                                               62

 I can't get out of the zero-gravity area                            63

 I can't get past the enzymes                                        64

 I die after passing the enzymes                                     65

 I can't answer the head's questions                                 66

 I don't know the non-disease exits in the artefact                  67

 I found the dog but can't do anything with him                      68

 I can't leave the swamp                                             69

 I can't do anything with the silica square on the bare hill         70

 I lose the dog up the hill                                          71

 I can't get past the oganobuffalo                                   72

 I can't get the holocrys beyond the forcefield                      73

 The silica in the pasture kill me                                   74

 I can't get out of the singularity                                  75

 I can't get past the robot guards                                   76

 I get hit by missiles in the pyramid                                77

 I can't get into the armoury                                        78

 The armoury robots kill me                                          79

 I get hit by the laser                                              80

 The laoratory robots kill me                                        81

 I get hit by the laser                                              82

 The laboratory robots get me                                        83

 What do I do with the ambassador?                                   84

 I get trapped underground with the ambassador                       85

 The robots catch up with me                                         86

 The second grobbler kills me                                        87

 I drop the ambassador in the landing area                           88


Note: If you're not sure about the use of any particular object, Hint 89 will help.



Instructions' Source   : RETURN TO DOOM (Topologika) Help Booklet


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