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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Alias          : SCOTT ADAMS ADVENTURE 13

Game Type          : Text Adventure (Rated Advanced)

Author             : Scott Adams

Standalone Release(s)   : 1986: SORCERER OF CLAYMORGUE CASTLE, AInternational, £7.99

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier            : ADVENTURE INTERNATIONAL, 85 Summer Street, BIRMINGHAM

                    B19 3TE

Disc compatibility     : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




Long ago, in times passed beyond remembrance, Solon the Master Wizard and wearer of the Secret Cloak lost the 13 Stars of Power. The grasping Vileroth believed the Stars to be the only source of Solon's expert wizardry. But, unbeknownst to Vileroth, it was the Secret Cloak that controlled the Stars and protected the wearer from their awesome powers. Unable to master the Stars, Vileroth was undone.


In his final days, as Vileroth's strength slipped from him, he concealed the 13 Stars of Power within the Castle of Claymorgue, determined that no-one save he should possess them. Solon, learning of Vileroth's destruction, despatched his faithful young apprentice Beanwick to retrieve the Stars.


"Tread carefully, O Beanwick! Would that I could assume this quest myself, bus alas, I can only send with you these few spells. Claymorgue Castle harbors further spells, but beware - one unskilled in the arts cannot predict their outcome."


How An Adventure Works

Read the standard introduction to Adventure International adventures under SCOTT ADAMS SCOOPS.


Some Helpful Words

Although the vocabulary accepted by your computer is extensive, you may find the words listed overleaf to be of great help as you set about your Adventure. Remember: These are just a few of the words available.


      Climb        Examine       Leave         Move        Quit         Say

      Drop         Go            Light         Pull        Read         Take

      Enter        Help          Look          Push        Save         Hit


One Letter Commands

You may use the following single keys to perform a variety of tasks and to expedite playing time. Type the letter for the function you wish to use and press RETURN.                                 


N, S, E, W, U, D      -  Go North, South, East, West, Up or Down

I                     -  Display inventory of items on your person

L                     -  Look             


Saving Your Adventure For Later Play

An Adventure will often last longer than the time available in a single sitting. You may save the game you are playing and return later to take up where you left off. To save a game in progress, type SAVE GAME at any time the WHALL SHALL I DO? message appears on your screen. You will be asked to specify A, B, C or D. This will allow you to assign a code letter to your game so that you might restore it at a later time.


To restore a saved game, type LOAD GAME before you begin a new game. The computer will ask DO YOU WISH TO RESTORE A SAVED GAME? Type YES and type the correct code letter (A, B, C or D). The Adventure will resume at the point at which you saved it.


To end a game in progress, type QUIT. If you intend to continue the game later, be sure to save it before using this command.


Some Playing Tips

Be sure to examine the items you find during your Adventure. Also, keep in mind that most problems and solutions require no more than common sense to solve; special knowledge and information are rarely required. For example, if an area is too dark to see in, you are going to need a light in order to avoid disaster.


If you get stuck, type HELP and press RETURN. You may or may not recieve assistance, depending on what you are carrying, where you are at and a number of other factors. Too, be careful about making assumptions - they can be fatal!


Finally, if you are seriously stick, special Hint books are available from Adventure International (U.K.). Call (021) 643 5102 for ordering information.


Here is a sample to show you how to get started in the game and how the Hint Book can save you hours of frustration while you are having fun solving the adventure.


1. Can not get into the castle? 



2. More help for above problem



3. Solution to above problem



Solution (EUG)

The object of THE SORCERER OF CLAYMORGUE CASTLE is to locate 13 mystic stars and store them in a hollow tree in the Enchanted Forest.


You start in a clearing and if you DIG a HOLE here, you will immediately get the first mystic star automatically. Hoorah! One down, twelve to go. GO into the MOAT and HOLD your BREATH. SWIM DOWN past the monster and GET the TOWEL. Now SWIM DOWN, SWIM EAST and move UP. WRING out the TOWEL. (Ignore the choked gasps you are making - you eventually breathe out safely!) OPEN the CABINET and you will automatically find the bliss spell. GET the CRATE as well.


Go S and S into an empty room. The walls are moveable so first PUSH the EAST WALL. Now to cast the first of all those spells you're carrying - CAST SEED. Go W, N and W. You will be in a room with a lever. PULL LEVER and DROP the pieces of WOOD. Now go E and S back to the empty room and PULL the WEST WALL. You can now GET the UNRAVEL SPELL. Go E, N and E and CAST the UNRAVEL SPELL upon the rope suspending the chandelier. Go W and DROP the BLISS SPELL. Now go back S again to the room with the moving walls and PUSH the SOUTH WALL.


Hoorah! There's the second star that you need. GET the STAR before going DOWN and CASTing the LYCANTHROPE spell. This turns you into a ferret, scares the rats and, in this smaller state, allows you to GO HOLE, GET the third STAR, GO back through the HOLE and WALK DOWN to the end of the staircase.


You will now be in the anteroom where you should CAST the FIRE spell AT the DOOR before GOing through the DOOR. GET the next STAR then GO back through the DOOR and UP. WALK UP the staircase and go N, N and W into the entryway. GO over the DRAWBRIDGE then W and S into the forest of enchantment. You are looking for a tree to store the stars in. CAST the FIRE spell (It's there even though it's not mentioned in the inventory, only in the written instructions for the game!) AT a TREE then LOOK at the ASHES to discover another star. Now DROP STAR five times, freeing up your inventory space.


Now go E and GO back over the DRAWBRIDGE and E, E into the courtyard. GET the BLISS spell and go E to the room with the fallen chandelier. GO onto the CHANDELIER. GET the sixth STAR and CAST the QUEEN spell. (Remember the Wicked Queen in Snow White?) A magic mirror will appear. GET the MIRROR and now CAST the LIGHT spell which will make the light (chandelier) light (in terms of weight). Where does Adams get these ideas from? Up the chandelier will go...


GO into the LOFT now. The chandelier will fall back down behind you. GET the POTION and THROW the CRATE. The next part has to be done perfectly as the Bliss spell wears off just after the moves have been completed. So CAST BLISS, JUMP into the ballroom, go W, S and PUSH the EAST wall. GO through the DOOR, DOWN and CROSS the STREAM of hot lava. (If you want to know how you managed it, LOOK MIRROR!) Go S and GET the next STAR and also GET the DIZZY DEAN SPELL.


Go N, N, UP and UP through the dusty room, W and N into the courtyard. DROP the MIRROR, DROP the DIZZY DEAN SPELL, GET the PERMEABILITY SPELL and go W. GO DRAWBRIDGE again then go W and S back to the forest. Two more stars to drop here so DROP STAR, DROP STAR. Go E into the field and GO over the DRAWBRIDGE. Now go E, E and S then PUSH the EAST wall to get back to the dusty room. Dusty, eh? GET DUST!


Go W and DRINK the POTION. Now PUSH DOWN on the ground and it will fall away revealing a room with another star. GET STAR and LOOK at the DRAGON to get another star automatically. Now THROW the DUST at the dragon and he will sneeze, creating an exit. GO HOLE and you will wind up in a wizard's workshop. GET the STAR here and GET the FIREFLY spell.


Go W, U and N back to the courtyard. DROP the TOWEL and hike W. GO DRAWBRIDGE, go W, go S and DROP the FIREFLY SPELL. This next part really sucks but trust me, it has to be done: Keep typing GET STAR until you have picked all of them up. Now CAST PERMEABILITY SPELL and everything will go black. Now you must DROP each STAR again (in the dark). When your inventory's exhausted (star-wise) then CAST the YOHO spell.


You'll be transported back to the drawbridge. GO DRAWBRIDGE then and go E and E. At this point you should SAVE the GAME as the next parts are quite tricky and some of them are random hence you may have to try a couple of times before this solution works correctly.


GET the TOWEL and GO into the FOUNTAIN (of youth). GET the STAR and GO COURTYARD. (Sometimes you won't survive!) DRY MYSELF and DROP the wet TOWEL. GET the BRICKS and GET the DIZZY DEAN SPELL. Now for the really tricky bit. SAVE the GAME again before continuing.


Go W and GO DRAWBRIDGE. LOOK UP and then LOOK BATTLEMENTS. Aha! There's a can on them. CAST the DIZZY DEAN SPELL. It gives you arms of steel! THROW BRICKS, AT CAN. If you're told "I hit it!" then you're in luck. If not, then tough, you'll have to re-load and try again. After success go E and E and GET the CAN from where it has fallen. Go E and GO into the CRATE. GO into the HOLE and GET the piece of METAL. It appears to be a canopener.


OPEN the CAN by typing USE CANOPENER and LOOK into the CAN to get the twelfth star. Now DROP the CAN and DROP the CANOPENER. GO HOLE and JUMP then go W and W to the drawbridge. GO over the DRAWBRIDGE, go W and S and GET STAR, GET STAR.


Now onto the endgame. GET the FIREFLY SPELL again and go E and GO into the MOAT again. HOLD your BREATH and SWIM DOWN five times. You should LOOK at the moat BOTTOM whereupon you'll get the very last star. Now CAST the YOHO spell to transport out of the water before you need to take a breath and CAST FIREFLY to be transported to the hollow. See why you dropped the stars earlier? Keep typing DROP STAR until all thirteen stand in front of you and finally type SCORE.

Jacob Gunness, EUG #62