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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade Platform Game

Authors            : David Woodhouse and Tony Racine

Standalone Release(s)   : 1984: SPACEMAN SID, English, £7.95

                    1984: SPACEMAN SID (Joystick compatible), English, £7.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron

Supplier            : ENGLISH, PO Box 45, MANCHESTER M60 3AD. Tel: 061 835 1558

Disc compatibility     : Incompatible




"SPACEMAN SID fights to survive on the planet Tribos, featuring scrolling screens, sliding bridges, meteor storms, 100% machine code action and one player game - joystick not required!"


SPACEMAN SID stared out over the barren landscape, no enemy in sight. Bored, Sid's mind drifted back to the mission briefing and the C.O.'s desperate instructions.


"Sid... You are required to recapture out Dilithium Crystal Mines necessary to Earth's defence systems. The mining operations on Tribos have been captured by the Martian Forces. You have been picked to take the new XR5 Laser-Armed Combat Rover, to infiltrate the Martian defences and to destroy the enemy command camps."


Suddenly, lights appeared from over the horizon, and his attention instantly fixes on the approaching drone, his hand slams onto the fire button, reducing the oncoming craft to a ball of flame and twisted flying alloys.


"Drok..." gasps Sid. "That one nearly got me!"


But there is no more time for contemplation as an Enemy Scout Ship appears in close pursuit of his now vapourised comrade.


Game Controls

Z - Left,   X - Right,   <SHIFT> - Jump,   <RETURN> - Fire

Q/S - Sound Off/On,   <SPACE> - Pause On/Off




                  Small Rock                           30 pts

                  Large Rock                           50 pts

                  Meteor                               50 pts

                  Drone                                50 pts

                  Scout Ship                           100 pts

                  Enemy Base                           500 pts

                  Alien Bomb                             0 pts

                  Beacon                                 0 pts

                  Land Mine                              0 pts


Bonus Craft for completing Level 3


SPACEMAN SID features three progressive leves of difficulty and five sectors. Watch out for the meteors in sector 3 and the nasty sliding bridges in sector 4.



Instructions' Source   : SPACEMAN SID (English) Back and Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User)

As SPACEMAN SID, you're sent to the planet Tribos to attempt to recapture the Martian-occupied dilithium crystal mines which are essential for Earth's defence. Your only protection on this barren landscape is your XRS laser-armed Combat Rover.

As you proceed cautiously, jumping over pits, you are confronted by endless hazards - drones and enemy scout ships are only two of the Martian dangers. Land mines abound too, and there's nothing so unnerving as seeing your wheels dance into the air with gay abandon as you trip over an innocent-looking explosive.

And just wait until you get into the further sectors, where you're finally confronted by the dreaded bases of your fiery enemy. Tempted? You should be. Any potential Sids out there will be positively riveted by this tricky little game.

The keys are easy to use. X speeds you forward, Z slows you down while <SHIFT> certainly makes you jump. You tend to use <SHIFT> a lot. <RETURN> releases the laser beam to burn the nasty green machines from Mars.

The three progressive levels of play and five sectors, combined with convincing graphics which give a 3D effect to the heavens, produce a fascinating and frustrating game which can keep the family amused for hours.

Keith Young, ELECTRON USER 2. 7