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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type : Text Adventure With Graphics

Author : Ian Muriss

Standalone Release(s) : 1987: THE HUNT: SEARCH FOR SHAUNA, Robico, 9.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility : Electron

Actual compatibility : Electron

Supplier : ROBICO, 3 Fairland Close, Llantrisant, MID GLAMORGAN CF7 8QH

Disc compatibility : Unknown




As the pilot of an intergalactic space craft, you have searched the galazy for the kidnapper of your crew member Shauna. Your mission has led you to an enormous space station, devoted to scientific study and experimentation, where you have finally docked in berth 5820. Your space craft is battered and on the verge of collapse. Only the 'hull integrity system' is preventing loss of atmosphere and that, too, will fail in a few seconds' time!


You are on the last stages of the hunt. Your search for Shauna is almost over. All you must do now is escape to the space station, explore it and find Shauna, and return with her to the flight deck of your ship.


Entering Commands

THE HUNT has a command line interpreter that allows sentences but not multiple statements. In other words, a command such as GIVE GUN TO LUGOBOT would be understood, but EXAMINE THE GUN THEN GO NORTH would not.


The usual adventure words may be used. For example INV gives an inventory or list of your possessions; LOOK describes your surroundings; EXAMINE takes a close look at an object; GET picks up an object and DROP leaves an object behind. GET and DROP may be used with an object name, for example GET GUN, or with the words ALL or EVERYTHING. GET on its own gets the first object in the room.


SAVE will store your position to your own blank cassette.

LOAD or RESTORE will load a previous position from your save-game cassette.


Press <CTRL> to see a picture of your location and then press the <SHIFT> key and return to the text.


OG (GO backwards!) or OOPS allow you to retrace one move.


BSAVE saves your position to a memory buffer.

BLOAD loads your position from the buffer.


QUIT restarts the game from the beginning.


The following directional commands are understood: NORTH (N), SOUTH (S), EAST (E), WEST (W), NORTHEAST (NE), NORTHWEST (NW), SOUTHEAST (SE) and SOUTHWEST (SW). UP and DOWN and IN and OUT may also prove useful in places.



In your quest you will meet various characters including the Lugobot, the terse Servobot, the Aggrodroid and the Guardroid! A monkey and a dog should prove useful and if you are a particuarly skilled adventurer you will meet the evil kidnapper and hopefully Shauna herself!


Hints And Tips

Make a map! THE HUNT has many locations, each beautifully illustrated, and it is quite easy to become lost.


Every object has a use. Some have several uses.


There is no magic in THE HUNT, but in a science fiction adventure, who knows what might happen?!


Getting Started




Instructions' Source : THE HUNT (Robico) Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User) - "Lost In Space"

A 59TH century space cruiser soaring into the unknown, boldly going where no adventure has gone before. The cover shot and introduction may seem familiar but THE HUNT ranks as something of a deviation and gamble for Robico.


Not only is it the company's first adventure which has not sprung from the hands of Rob O'Leary, but it is also Robico's first escapade in the field of graphic adventures.


It is, I believe, a gamble which has paid off. The puzzles are devious but logical, as you would expect from Robico, and the graphics are superb. I would go so far as to say that they are even superior to those in THE LOST CRYSTAL.


As pilot of an intergalactic space craft, you have searched the galaxy for a missing crew member, Shauna. Your mission has led you to an enormous space station where you have finally docked, your space craft battered and on the verge of collapse.


You begin your quest at the console of your ship with only sixty seconds to space exposure. As with all Robico adventures, the start is gripping and can be deadly if you don't equip yourself quickly.


No sooner do you escape from the confines of your ship than you have to face the rigours of intergalactic customs - I would suggest you check your itinerary before doing so. If you succeed, the adventure begins in earnest.


The superb advanced parser enables your Electron to seemingly understand almost any prompt you type in, as long as it has something to do with the game.


My one and only criticism of THE HUNT is that I feel the location descriptions lack a little of the atmosphere of the Robico text-only adventures.


However, the descriptions created in each location are layered to give just enough clues to help with the problem solving. Your search will be difficult, but not impossible: And the conclusion in rewarding.


If for some strange reason you don't like graphic games, the simple command GROFF will let you play the game in text-only format.


I understand this is just the first of many alliances that Robico has made with out-of-house authors. If this is evidence of the calibre of adventures to follow, then you had better start saving your pennies fast.


This is without doubt the best graphic adventure I have seen for the Electron and is an essential purchase for any discerning adventurer.


Presentation ................... 10

Atmosphere ...................... 9

Frustration factor ............. 10

Value for money ................ 10

Overall ........................ 10


Pendragon, ELECTRON USER 5. 3 (Dec 1987)