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Professional, Originally Released As Paperback Book To Be Typed In, Subsequently Released On Cassette, Also available on CDFS and DFS Disc


Game Type          : Text Adventure

Author             :

Standalone Release(s)   : 1984: LEGEND OF SILVER MOUNTAIN, Usborne, £1.99

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron

Actual compatibility    : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier            : USBORNE PUBLISHING, 20 Garrick Street, LONDON WC2E 9BJ

Disc compatibility     : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




"The first two books in this series mark the beginning of a completely new kind of adventure game. They each contain an exciting adventure program for you to type into your computer. As you play the game on the computer, the imaginary world of the game is vividly recreated in the colourful pictures in the book and you can find clues hidden in the pictures to help you.


"An adventure game takes you into a different world where you have to pit your wits against magical forces, evil creatures and powerful tyrants. The books give thorough instructions on how to play and hints on what to do if you get stuck.


"The programs are written in a standard BASIC and there are conversions listed to make them suitable for Commodore 64, expanded VIC 20, TRS-80 Colour Computer (32K), Apple II, BBC (32K), Electron and 48K Spectrum"


About this game

This book contains an exciting adventure game program to type into your computer and play. The game is set in an imaginary land ruled by a wicked tyrant. Your task is to free the people of the land from his domination. You will need to use magic as well as your skill and imagination to succeed. If you have never played an adventure before, you can find out what happens in them and what you have to do under the section "What is an adventure game?"


The first half of the book shows you the world in which the adventure takes place and the people and creatures who inhabit it. You can refer to these pages as you play. Some of the pictures contain secret information, or things you may want to examine more closely.


Playing the game

There are several puzzles and twists in this game so it will probably take you lots of attempts before you solve it. However, each time you play, you will learn more about how to deal with the problems and dangers on your way.


If you get completely stuck, there are some clues given at the end of the book.


What is an adventure game?

When you play an adventure game, you become the hero or heroine of the adventure. You have a dangerous quest and you need all your integrity and cunning to succeed. You may meet monsters or enemies whom you have to outwit. You may come up against obstacles such as a raging torrent or a landslide blocking your way. You will come across objects as you play the game (a lamp or a rope, for example) which if you use them properly will help you overcome hazards.


In different adventure games you have different tasks. You may be a detective solving a murder, a pirate hunting for treasure or a spy searching for secret information.


You travel around the imaginary world of the game by telling the computer in which direction you want to move (north, south, east or west). The computer will describe where you are and tell you about any characters or objects there. You type instructions telling the computer what you want to do. Usually you give the computer instructions consisting of two words, for example, CLIMB TREE.


You may lose the game if you get stuck; for instance, if you come to a locked door and you failed to find the key beforehand, or if your enemies capture you. You can play the game as often as you like, though. It will be different each time depending on the route you take, what objects you pick up, how you use them and how you deal with other characters in the game.


You may need to use objects you collect in unusual ways.


How to play the game

On execution, you will be asked if you want to either start a new game or continue a saved one. You can type SAVE GAME at any stage.


When the game begins, the computer prints a message telling you where you are and those directions you can move. You move around the game by typing N, S, E, W, U or D for north, south, east, west, up or down.


Each time you move, the computer will describe where you are. If you want to take something with you, type GET or TAKE and the name of the object. Typing INV (short for INVentory) will list all the objects you are carrying.


You can give the computer instructions consisting of two words, such as UNLOCK DOOR or FILL JAR. (If an object has a name consisting of two words, e.g. silver plat, you can use three-word instructions, such as USE SILVER PLATE.) Instructions such as READ MESSAGE or EXAMINE PICTURES sometimes reveal further information.


The computer is only programmed to understand certain instructions. If it does not understand your command, it prints either "YOU CAN'T", "PARDON?" or "TRY SOMETHING ELSE".


Typing SAVE GAME at any stage lets you store a partly-finished game on tape or disk. You can continue the game later by typing 2 in response to the opening question of the program.


The legend of Silver Mountain

Clustered in small villages at the foot of Silver Mountain, the Sylvani were once peaceful and prosperous, governed by a wise Council of Elders. Travellers from many lands came to visit and settle amongst these hospitable people.


All who knew of the Sylvani knew also of the Stone of Destiny, held by the royal family in the Palace high on Silver Mountain. The Stone gave a King or Queen the power to direct a person's destiny, but it was never used in malice.


In the reign of Queen Pari Sylvan, a great threat appeared in the shape of a massive, vicious Grarg army, intent on seizing the land and the Stone. With them came their most powerful wizard, Magrarg.


In desperation, Queen pari Sylvan obtained permission from her Council of Elders to use the Stone. She entered the Silver Chamber and, placing her hands around the Stone, cried the magic words which would unlock its power.


As she spoke, a great thunderclap echoed as Magrarg joined in mental conflict with the powers of the Queen and the Council of Elders, concentrated through the Stone. Sylvani and Grarg alike reeled under the mental shock waves.


One of the Elders was the son of a Grarg wanderer who had settled in peace among the Sylvani. As the clash of minds grew fiercer, he collapsed under the strain of the conflicting forces within him, and Magrarg howled in triumph.


Since then, the Sylvani have lived in terror as slaves of a merciless overlord, Grarg Ogban; the victims of his murderous thugs. He uses the Stone to wreak destruction on the families and friends of anyone who dares oppose him.


The Sylvani Elders once had hope. Pari Sylvan, brutally murdered by the invaders, left behind a baby son, Kylar. He was entrusted to a wise hermit who brought him up. His identity was kept a closely guarded secret.


Before she died, Pari Sylvan had locked into the mind of her infant son a secret: her royal ancestors had given the people certain magic objects whose combined power would overcome any evil force controlling the Stone of Destiny.


Over the centuries the whereabouts of these seemingly insignificant objects had been forgotten. Kylar Sylvan set off to try and locate them. For years he searched, telling no one of his progress for fear of endangering their lives.


One day, when the Elders sensed he was on the brink of success, Kylar was slain by a greedy Grarg who coveted a brooch he wore - a present from the hermit. Any magic objects he had found returned in a trice to their resting places.


Since then, the Elders have revealed the quest to a succession of true and worthy Sylvani: all have failed. Now they cry out to anyone who will listen, "Who will accept the challenge and free us from tyranny?"


The Land Of The Sylvani

This is the terrain through which you have to travel, searching for the magic objects and overcoming the hazards along the way. You do not know what the magic objects are and you will have to watch out for clues to their identity. Also, what are the magic words which will unlock the power of the Stone? You will need all your ingenuity to succeed in your quest and enter the Silver Palace. Even then your troubles are not over.


You will find that the villagers keep to their homes and dare not talk to strangers in case they are Grarg spies. Many cottages are deserted, their inhabitants having fled or been slaughted by Ogban's hordes. Patrolling the countryside though, you will find bands of unruly Grargs. You will probably hear their noisy approach before you see them. Kylar was slain near the river where there is no one to hear a cry for



The woods are dark and eerie and many attempts to free the Sylvani have ended with journeys through them. The bridge is also not as safe as it looks.


The ancient stone circle has a mystic force. It may hold secrets valuable to you.


Burrowing through the core of Silver Mountain are secret tunnels leading to the Silver Palace. Few people with knowledge of them are still alive. Inside the Silver Palace is the Silver Chamber, resting place of the Stone of Destiny. In the unlikely event of anyone entering the Palace to rescue the Stone, the Wizard Magrarg has woven a powerful spell to prevent anyone, except he and Lord Ogban, approaching it.


There is a huge glacier next to Silver Mountain.


Characters You Will Meet

Lord Ogban

Insane with power and greed, Lord Ogban rarely leaves his chamber. Having lost all his natural qualities of leadership, he prefers to stay close to the Stone of Destiny which is his only means of control. He is still a formidable opponent, although he shares the Grarg weakness for the food and wine brought in vast quantities to the door of his chamber by a henchman.


Wizard Magrarg

Although Ogban may consider himself the ruler of the land, in fact it is Magrarg who holds the power. He is happy for Ogban to concern himself with the day to day torment of the Sylvani, leaving the Wizard free to engage in ever more extreme sorcery. So long as he holds the Stone, there is no magician on Earth to match him. His power is so concentrated that should he catch sight of himself in a mirror, the evil reflected back into his eyes would cause an explosive short circuit.



Terrorising the countryside are greedy Grarg patrols. They will capture as soon as look at you. A hefty guard is mounted inside the Palace and any stranger is instantly recognised. Grargs are individually cowardly, yet virtually indestructible due to their sturdy armour and deadly weapons.



The last gift Queen Pari Sylvan gave her son Kylar was a puppy. Intent on inflicting suffering on any member of the royal household, even a dumb animal, Magrarg put a spell on the puppy condemning it to shiver and starve outside the glass gates of the Palace for ever. Having known no kindness since the first weeks of its life, the playful young puppy has grown into a ferocious guard dog.



Under the bridge lives a mean Troll. He is kept there by Ogban to prevent Sylvani people moving freely about the countryside.


Ogban's Boar

In his youth, Ogban was a keen hunter. The Wizard Magrarg used to create fantastic creatures for Ogban's sport. One of these horrendous animals, a Boar the size of a bull, was never caught, and now roams the countryside, preying on any living thing it encounters. Grarg warriors refuse to enter its territory, but you may have to.


Ghost of the Goblin Guardian

In his lifetime, the Goblin guarded a secret pathway on the side of Silver Mountain. When he died, he was buried in the Goblin Graveyard, but Magrarg put a curse on him condemning the ghost to haunt the pathway and prevent anyone from passing. Only one thing can free a goblin's soul: somewhere, the Goblin King has left a riddle out of sympathy for his subject but so far no one has solved it.



The Hermit who cared for the infant Kylar still lives deep in the forest. He does not seek company and trusts no one except the few Elders who have so far escaped the death-dealing wrath of Ogban. His lifetime spans many generations and he may have knowledge vital to you, but he will need proof of your intentions.


Places You Will Go

Rock Garden      - made by Queen Pari Sylvan many years ago. Plants flourish extraordinarily well within it.

Wine Cellar      - used by Ogban to store supplies of wine. Though the casks have been it it since before his time.

White Cottage    - belonging to one of the Elders recently imprisoned by Ogban. He may have had something to give you to help you on your quest.

Fountain         - has stood in the courtyard for longer than anyone remembers.

Statue           - an ancient Sylvani defaced by the Grargs.

Edge of Lake     - said to be bottomless and subject to freak winds sweeping over its surface. Should you want to cross it, beware!

Mosaic-floored Hall     where a strange force which sap your strength. Don't ignore your surroundings!

Goblin Graveyard - "A Goblin's Soul Will Roam Until The Music Of The ... Sings Him Home", an eerie place with this mysterious unfathomable epitaph.

Stone Circle     - where a sense of well-being welcomes you. The spirits of those nine who built it encourage your quest.

Library          - dusty and deserted. Grargs are not interested in learning. Note the scholarly books though and in particular one reading "Awake, Lead, Protect, Help, Guide" next to symbols of an eye, a right arrow, a circle of nine dots, a horseshoe and a up arrow.

Banqueting Hall  - frequently frequented by Grargs who drink too much, collapse and sleep.

High Pinnacle    - to struggle up is a challenge. You may not make it more than once, so be careful not to miss anything.


Hints And Clues

Do not look at this page unless you are thoroughly stuck. Here is a list of instructions the computer understands. If you type a different instruction, the computer will not understand even if it makes sense to you.

      GET             TAKE            EXAMINE

      READ            GIVE            SAY

      PICK            WEAR            TIE

      CLIMB           RIG             USE

      OPEN            LIGHT           FILL

      PLANT           WATER           SWING

      EMPTY           FEED            CROSS

      REMOVE          BAIL            TURN

      DIVE            INSERT          LEAVE

      THROW           EAT             BLOW

      DROP            RING            MOVE

      INTO            BURN            CUT

      HOLD            UNLOCK          POISON

      SHOW            COUNT           WITH

      DRINK           BREAK           PAY

      MAKE            REFLECT         STEAL

      GATHER          ENTER


Here are clues to specific problems you will encounter.


High walled rock garden

You need things to plant - and something to help them grow.



This is a toll bridge.


Misty pool

There is something mysterious here. You need to empty the pool to find out what it is.


Ogban's Boar

Look around on the island for something to help you get past the Boar.


Mosaic-floored hall

1. What is at the end of the hall? (Food and drink) If you have been to the kitchens, you may have found something to use here that will prevent Ogban harming you - for good.

2. Your passage is blocked by Magrarg's evil spells. Only if you are carrying all the magic objects will you be allowed to go east.



You need something from the wooden door to the stable. The Grargs carry matches in their uniforms.


Fallen oak

The Goblin Guardian is listening for the sound of the wind blowing through the reeds of the marshes where he was born.


Wooded valley

The hermit will trust you if you give him something that used to belong to him.


Underground tunnels

You can find out in which direction to travel by examing some instructions not far away.


Attic bedroom

What would you expect to find in a bedroom? Examine it and see if there is anything useful.


Silver Chamber

You must HOLD the Stone of Destiny and SAY the magic words one by one.



Instructions' Source   : LEGEND OF SILVER MOUNTAIN (Usborne) Book


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