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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type : Text Adventure (Adventure No. 1 In THE LARSOFT COLLECTION)

Author : Geoff Larsen

Standalone Release(s) : None

Compilation Release(s) : 1987: THE RISING OF SALANDRA, Larsoft, 3.95

2002: THE LARSOFT COLLECTION, Larsoft, PD (Disc)

Stated compatibility : Electron

Actual compatibility : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier : LARSOFT, 4 Chantry Road, Clifton, BRISTOL BS8 2QD

Disc compatibility : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




For years, the inhabitants of the Lands of the Outer Marshes, at the Northern edge of the Great Ocean, have lived happily in peace. In recent weeks, however, rumours have been growing in the Southlands of the gathering of forces of the Dark Lord Salandra.


Then, one dark morning, the Elders call the Villagers to the Moot.


"Soon, very soon, my friends, the Dark Forces of the evil Salandra will be abroad in our fair land. Even now, the black sails of his warships are gathering at the far side of the Great Ocean in readiness to transport the evil hordes of his armies to our continent.


"Once the Outer Marshes have fallen under his misrule he can spread Northwards past the desert and on to the Valley of the Seven Kings. We are in dire peril and need the guidance...


"...of a mighty warrior."


A hushed murmur fades away into expectant silence. All had heard of the Prophecy of Thrull.


Seven Ages ago there had lived a Warrior whose struggles against the opponents of Peace became legendary. Stories were told that through these deeds he had acquired the favours of the gos and had attained the status of an Immortal. One day he left the Lands of the Outer Marshes promising that he would return if ever the tranquility of the Lands was threatened. He left a parchment with the Chief Elder whereon was inscribed a prophecy. Thrull, for that was his name, was seen no more.


The prophecy foretold that the kingdom across the Sea would fall under the powers of evil after seven generations had been born.


The Chief Elder speaks again.


"The Oracle tells me that Thrull has not died but lies sleeping somewhere near the cliff-top by the Great Ocean. To waken him from his deep sleep one amongst you needs to prove our Village worthy by taking him THREE items which will be found on your quest. Each item will be symbolic of one aspect of Thrull's chivalry and prowess. The items are:


"A SWORD - the symbol of strength and might

"A TALISMAN - the symbol of protection and supernatural force

"THE KNOWLEDGE OF OUR FOREBEARS - the symbol of our understanding.


"The Oracle says that two of the items will be attained through helping others. Five days ago a mysterious intruder broke into the Elders' quarters and stole The Book Of Knowledge. It would seem to us that this event was related in some way and that the retrieval of the Book has been pre-destined.


"Now, will there be one among you to set out on this quest?"


You hear a loud shuffling of feet and then to your horror, find that all but yourself have taken a step backwards. The Chief Elder addresses you:


"Good luck, my child. May fortune favour you."


So it was that you reluctantly set off on a journey fraught with danger, mystery and adventure. After a couple of minutes' walking you find yourself on an East/West road; GOOD LUCK.


Official Hintsheet

There is a 'help' facility within the game itself.

The stream carries the answer to crossing the bridge.

There is a concealed room within the tower near the mirror room.

The horse packs a surprise without adding a rider.

There is something of note in one tree and a note of something in another.

The key solution to the beach lies within the cave, if you can find it.

The fissure may weigh heavily on your mind but don't get too cross.



Instructions' Source : THE RISING OF SALANDRA (Larsoft) Inner Inlay


Review : No Review Yet


Solution (EUG)

Travel W and CLIMB up the hill. EXAMINE the TREE there and SHOUT to scare the bird away. EXAMINE its NEXT and GET the RING. Now go N and E and ENTER the CAVE. Move E and S and GET the KNIFE. Travel N, E and E again then JUMP DOWN from the ledge.


EXAMINE the HORSE and EXAMINE the backPACK. You cannot ride the horse but GET the BOTTLE and GET the TORCH as they will come in useful later. Go S and W then use the knife to CUT the ROPE from the tree. GET the ROPE and go E and N with it. ENTER the STREAM and FILL the BOTTLE with water. You now have to DROP the BOTTLE so you have enough inventory space to do what follows. GET the COIN on the ground and go U and S to the bridge. GIVE the COIN to the bridgekeeper and now go back N. ENTER the STREAM again and GET the BOTTLE you dropped earlier. Go U and S to the bridge again.


CROSS the BRIDGE and go E. ENTER the TOWER and go U, U and W. On the top floor, EXAMINE the dressing TABLE to find a mirror. GET the MIRROR and EXAMINE the WINDOW. You will discover there is a ledge beyond it so GO out on to the LEDGE and TIE the ROPE to the bar. CLIMB DOWN the rope - it will break but you will fall safely onto a ledge below. GO in through the new WINDOW and CUT the ROPE which binds the man.


GIVE the BOTTLE of water to the man and he will present you with a Golden Cross. GET this CROSS and LIFT the TRAPDOOR to leave the tower. GO TRAPDOOR then go E, D, N and S to find a boat. ENTER BOAT and ROW.


On the beach, GET the PLANKS and EXAMINE the ROCK. GET the FISH, go W and GIVE the FISH to the bear. Go E and LIGHT the TORCH from the remains of the fire. Now go W and ENTER the CAVERN. Inside, go N and EXAMINE the ALCOVE to find a key. GET KEY. Go D the steps and you will meet a scorpion. DROP the MIRROR beside it and it will be intimidated by its own reflection. GET the SHOVEL and return U, S and S.


DROP the PLANKS across the fissure then return N, E and E to the beach and DIG. UNLOCK the CHEST and EXAMINE the CHEST to find the Book of Knowledge. GET the BOOK and go W with it. ENTER the CAVERN and go S. The Book is too heavy to carry across the planks so, with all your might, THROW the BOOK across the fissure. Now CROSS FISSURE and EXAMINE the LEDGE to find it again. GET the BOOK for the second time and go S, E and E. Outside the cave is Milithir's shack.


ENTER this SHACK and GIVE back his RING. You will receive a sword. GET the SWORD before LEAVEing the SHACK. Go W, S, U, U and U then ENTER the stone CIRCLE and you will be greeted by Thrull. GIVE him the SWORD, BOOK and CROSS to him to complete this first part of THE RISING OF SALANDRA.