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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type : Text Adventure

Author :

Standalone Release(s) : 1984: THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS, MP Software, 7.50

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility : Electron

Actual compatibility : Electron, BBC B, B+ and Master 128

Supplier : MP, 165 Spital Road, Bromborough, MERSEYSIDE

Disc compatibility : ADFS 1D00, CDFS 1D00, DFS 1D00




Instructions currently unavailable.



Review (ELBUG)

A similar format of coloured text and split screen as MP's SADIM CASTLE, this game found me crawling around in decaying corpses beneath the pyramid of old King Tut. The place is so hot and smelly that you'd better ensure you bring lots to drink and something to keep the deadly stink out of your nostrils. I found a laundry basket which hissed and a pit in which something nasty was slithering!


A real time element coupled to your endless thirst and flickering torch has been added to the game. You have no time to stand and stare but must hurry ever forward towards that light at the end of the tunnel, which knowing my luck will be a train coming the other way!


This game has all the usual ingredients, but in that is its weakness. I couldn't find that magic something which is needed to keep me battling forward so I folded my tent, mounted my camel and stole off home. Rating: **

Mitch, ELBUG 2. 2