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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade; Multi-load Sporting Challenges

Author             :

Standalone Release(s)  : 1986: WINTER OLYMPICS, Tynesoft, £7.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron Side A, BBC Side B

Actual compatibility    : As stated

Supplier            : TYNESOFT, Unit 3 Addison Industrial Estate, Blaydon, TYNE &                   WEAR NE21 4TE. Tel: 091 414 4611

Disc compatibility     : Unknown




"This superb sports simulation with incredible graphics allows you to compete against the computer and the clock in six challenging winter sports events:

   *   Speed Skating                    *   Ski Jump

   *   Ski Slalom                       *   Curling

   *   Cresta Run                       *   Down Hill Skiing"


Each event has a Practice and Play mode. Practice mode is entered by pressing "0" and in this mode, the score is not incremented and no Olympic record can be gained.


In Play mode, entered by pressing "1", you have three attempts to beat the Olympic Record. If you succeed, 1000 points will be added to your score.


The computer record for each event is shown in the right hand box with your score in the left hand box.


A high score table will be displayed after the completion of Event 6.



Controls: Z and X control the competitor's skates. Start off slowly gaining speed as you go, quick movement of the keys will cause him to slip on the ice and lose speed. Your computer pacer is there to help you gain that fastest time of the day.


Event 2 - SKI JUMP

Controls: Z and X. Space Bar = Jump. Pressing Z and X keys quickly will propel your skier down the slope. As he nears the end of the slope, press the Space Bar for a safe successful jump. To score maximum points gauge your take off position carefully. Too early will shorten your jump but too late will spell disaster.


Event 3 - SKI SLALOM

Controls: Z moves Skier left. X moves Skier right. Press Space Bar to start your run, then guide your skier through the gates. A ten second penalty is incurred if you fail to ski between the flags or if one is hit. Hitting a tree will end your run.



Controls: Same as Event 3. The downhill course has no gates but watch those trees!


Event 5 - CRESTA RUN

Controls: Space Bar will start your descent down the Cresta Run. As you ride through the corners, your speed will pick up considerably. Z and X (left or right) compensates your body learning, helping to keep your sledge within the ski banking.


Too much correction will slow your speed down while too little correction will allow you to go into a corner too quickly then it's away off into the tree for you!


Event 6 - CURLING

Controls: Z moves player left. X moves player right. Holding down the <RETURN> key will increase the speed of the throw enabling you to position your stone as close as possible to the centre pin. Release the <RETURN> key to throw the stone. Between 1 and 6 points are awarded depending on the position of the Curling Stone, each round is termed an 'End'.



Instructions' Source   : WINTER OLYMPICS (Tynesoft) Back and Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User)

WINTER OLYMPICS is another of the several-games-in-one variety. Six winter sports are covered and the aim is to beat your best score in a snow-bound hexathlon.

The first event to flash up on the screen is speed skating. In this you take your competitor along a 200 metre course as quickly as possible, while the computer operates a pace-making opponent above you. You move your player by rapidly hammering the Z and X keys, while a clock ticks away at the base of the screen.

The second event is the ski jump which works like the first event in that the faster you hammer the further you jump.


Event three is the ski slalom. You have to guide your skier down a slope, zig-zagging through the gates as quickly as possible.


Then comes downhill skiing. No gates this time, just a full pelt down the slope, trying to avoid the fir trees that are scattered about. This is extremely tough and I still haven't completed the course.

Event five is the bobsled, and the formidable Cresta Run. The course is mapped out on the right of the screen and in a box on the left is your view from the sled.
Gravity provides the acceleration here, and the Z and X keys are used as brakes.

Lastly comes the Curling, which is probably the most disappointing event. The aim is to get your four stones as close as possible to the centre pin, while your opponent does the same.

Unfortunately, there is no allowance for colliding. This it is impossible to knock a stone out of your way - you just stop short of it.


Overall this is a nice little package and fun to play. The graphics are quite good, sound is used well and the Electron's clock has never been so useful.

Sound ........................... 6
Graphics ........................ 8
Playability ..................... 7
Value for money ................. 7
Overall ......................... 7

James Bibby, ELECTRON USER 3. 9