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Professional, Originally Released On Cassette Only


Game Type          : Arcade

Author             : Dean Lester

Standalone Release(s)   : 1988: ZIGGY, Audiogenic, £4.95

Compilation Release(s) : None

Stated compatibility    : Electron Side A/BBC Side B

Actual compatibility    : As stated

Supplier            : AUDIOGENIC, Winchester House, Canning Road, HARROW HA3 7SJ

Disc compatibility     : Unknown.




Ziggy was a normal happy young boy - until the day he strayed too close to an experimental matter transporter. Suddenly he became half boy, half spring - like a human pogo stick - and found himself trapped in a multi-dimensional board game played on platforms that float in space and time.


To survive he must collect all the pyramids that he can find, avoiding the deadly Sliding Cubes, Bouncing Balls, Poison Squares and Glue Puddles. Can you help ZIGGY reach th final platform, where the girl of his dreams awaits?


Game Objects

Pyramids       - collect them, each and every one

Sliding Cubes  - very deadly

Bouncing Balls - extremely deadly


Special Squares

Skull & Crossbones - hideously deadly

Glue Puddles       - sap Ziggy's energy. Get off quick!

Crossed Wands      - give temporary immunity

Light Bulbs        - replenish energy

Arrows             - push Ziggy in that direction. Used to move from one platform to


Up                 - allows Ziggy to go up to the next level, provided he has

                     collected all the pyramids on the current level

Down               - takes Ziggy down to the level below


Meters And Counters

Bounce Meter      - displays which length bounce you are using. Bigger bounces use more energy

Energy Meter      - how much energy Ziggy has left; you lose a life when it runs out

Level Counter     - tells which level you are on

Completed Counter - shows the percentage of the game completed

Lives Counter     - how many lives are left. You start with six, and get an extra life for every 10% of the game completed - you'll need them!


The game has fifty levels, containing 200 platforms. Complete all fifty levels and Ziggy can get together with the girl of his dreams on the final platform. It's springtime!


Game Controls

Define your own control keys. The following keys are also used:

      RETURN - increase bounce           SPACE  - decrease bounce

      COPY   - pause game                DELETE - restart paused game

      ESCAPE - abort game


On the title screen only, you can press Q to turn the music off, S to turn it on.



During the loading sequence you have the opportunity to choose the main directional control keys. When the game has loaded the title screen will be displayed; press 1 at this stage to play ZIGGY using the built-in screens, or 2 to load a set of screens you have designed yourself.


The Screen Designer

To load the screen designer type CHAIN"SCDES" and press <RETURN>. (If you have tape you will find the designer immediately after the main program). Make sure you have a blank tape or formatted disk available to store your customised screens.


Cursor Movement Keys

Use Z and X to move left or right, * or ? to go up or down.


Command Keys

Press N when you want to go to another level. Enter the level number, from 0 to n+1 when n is the highest numbered level designed so far. When you are ready to save your custom screens, press S (Keep a not of the filename you choose). Press L to load screens you have previously saved.


How To Design Your Own Screens

Each level consists of four screens, and you can have up to fifty levels. Use the movement keys to get around, placing the special types of square in position by pressing the keys shown in the menu on the right side of the screen.


Each screen must have one and only one pyramid. It must also be accessible - use the arrow squares. You can have up to four Cubes and Balls per screen, in any combination. Finally, each level must be accessible - use the up and down squares.



Instructions' Source   : ZIGGY (Audiogenic) Back And Inner Inlay


Review (Electron User) - "Spritely Character"

ZIGGY is the unlikely new star from Audiogenic, being a rather strange thing on a spring bouncing its way round the screen. The game is, I suspect, the first in a run of 3D arcade adventures, which up until now have never been seen on the Electron.


The screen display is laid out in a style known as oblique projection where horizontal lines are rotated 45 degrees to the horizontal. You can see a flat board with squares marked out and your viewpoint is from above and slightly behind, looking down at an angle.


Once you've got used to the unusual perspective you can start to guide Ziggy round the board. In all starts off in fine style, with the thing on a spring bouncing

merrily around level zero collecting assorted crystals left lying around, one in each of the four rooms. At this early stage it takes little thought to collect all four jewels.


Now you bounce on to a special square which takes you up to the next level. Complete this and move to the next. Up to level four the game is straightforward enough, but after that things start to get hectic.


Patches of sticky glue and deadly skulls start to get in the way of the little guy and he has to increase his bounce speed and distance to leap over them.


All of this excess effort drains his life force at an alarming rate and if he keeps it up for too long, it's curtains.


ZIGGY is not very spectacular graphically. Although the characters are nice and chunky, the playing area is in two colour Mode 4, and even though these vary from level to level, the effect is rather drab.


The animation is a bit jerky at times and the key response can be sluggish. This is a pity, because it detracts from what essentially is a very enjoyable game - and original too.


One feature I was pleased to see was a screen designer, so even if you can't complete the 200 rooms supplied you can at least define your own. And just for a change, there's a natty little tune that won't drive the bend because you can turn it off.


ZIGGY is the type of game that you'll either love or hate and has got to qualify as one of the trickiest yet. So I strongly recommend that you try it before you buy it.


Sound ........................... 7

Graphics ........................ 5

Playability ..................... 7

Value for money ................. 6

Overall ......................... 6


Julia Forester, ELECTRON USER 5. 1