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Cartridges and ROM

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  Cartridge and ROM

Master Cartridge.
There are several types of cartridge, this is one!
Overview Cartridge Thanks to
Master twin cartridge Thanks to
Master Cartridge with 32 K SWR mounted in it
Master Cartridge out of case. Thanks to
ACP Rom Cartridge. Thanks to G.Dyer for this Electron item
Slogger ROM Cartridge. Thanks to G.Dyer for this Electron item

Elektor Magazine RAM Card. Thanks to G.Dyer for this Electron item
GRD Plus 1 Expansion 512k RAM 2 ROM. Thanks to G.Dyer for this Electron item
PMS MultiFont NTQ. Thanks to G.Dyer for this Electron item

Master Genie Cartridge and box
Viglen Cartridge System. Picture and info from Jon Irvine: The original kit, according the promotional brochure I also have, "contained the Sideways ROM cable and socket, 1 Cartridge and a Cover for the rectangular slot on the key board should you remove the kit from your micro." This lot includes lots of cartridges and some bases for holding them in sets.
Slogger RomBox Plus. Thanks to Stuart Hunt for the following info: .......their alternative to the Plus One (which Acorn had just stopped producing when this came out). It comes with 4 ROM sockets (the rightmost one can take 8k of RAM IIRC - people often modded this so that it was battery packed), 2 cartridge slots and a centronics interface. It missed out the analog joystick interface - Slogger wanted you to buy their digital joystick interface. It also contained Slogger's enhanced ROM that supported disc loading in MODEs 0-3 without screen blanking, and the joystick configuration commands for the joystick interface cartridge.
Slogger Electron Rombox. Thanks to the eBay seller for this photo

Slogger Electron Rombox. Thanks to Dave Edwards for these photos
Solidisc Electron 1770 Disc Interface. Thanks to Dave Edwards for this photograph
Micropulse ROM Box. Scan of an info sheet about it. Scan of more info about it. Thanks to Richard Hall for this
Zif Socket. Thanks to Jon Irvine