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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library


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Acorn Z80. Thanks to Ken Hewson for these photos

Acorn 6502. Thanks to Ken Hewson for these photos
Econet Bridge. This box contains an Econet Bridge, but it could just as well contain a Prestel Adaptor, Teletext Adaptor or Coprocessor amongst many other things too I am sure.

Acorn Teletext Adapter. Thanks to Ken Hewson for these photos

Acorn Teletext Adapter. Thanks to John Kortink for these photos
Prestel Adapter board. Thanks to Paul Collins for this photograph
Advanced Teletext Adapter
Morley Teletext Adapter

Ground Control Teletext System. Thanks to the eBay seller for these photos
6502 Label.Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this

Watford 65C102. Thanks to John Kortink for these photos
6502 Co-processor close up. Thanks to Ken Scott
6502 Co-Processor in 'The Box' with its lid off

Co-Pro Adaptor. Thanks to Richard Hall for sending these photos of a Watford Electronics co-processor adaptor with Master 512 and Essential Software 1 megabyte upgrade
Electron Second Processor. Thanks to the eBay seller for this photo and info:Electron Second Processor made by Permanent Memory Systems. According to the label it is a 6502 second processor and the model is E2P-6502. According to the manual it plugs into either of the slots of a Plus 1 add-on. Also according to the manual it should come with a disk or tape on which is an 'activation' program that is run with the command */e2p.
Control-it box

Thanks to Rich Hall for these photos of Control Logo equipment
Watford User Port Splitter
Watford User Port Splitter. Thanks to Paul Collins for the photo
Analogue and User Port device. Thanks to Paul Collins for this photo
Care Electronics User Port Switch

Some Data Switches
A Master 80186 512K processor upgrade in a Watford Electronics Co Pro Adaptor. Thanks to Gordon Jefferyes for the photo
80186 co-processor. Thanks to Richard Hall for this photo

Thanks to Paul Jagger for this photo of an IEEE 488 Adapter

An IEEE 488 adapter. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this
A BBC second processor ARM development kit (a very rare thing). Thanks to Gordon Jefferyes for the photo and this info: The Arm Evaluation Kit, was a second processor upgrade for the BBC. It enabled people to use the BBC as a front end for the Arm processor. Acorn released this before they had developed the Archimedes. It enabled developers to load ARM code into ARM processors memory via the BBC and test out the Arm processor. The Arm processor was running all the code, and the BBC is used for its I/O (Screen, keyboard and disc drive......) All you have to do to get it working is connect the Arm Processor to some memory and to the TUBE interface on the BBC and start it up with a small boot rom.

Thanks to these photos and info from Rob at http://www.irrelevant.com . One of the first ARM processors produced by Acorn. It's the original ARM1 Evaluation system for the BBC Micro. Plugs into the 'tube' port of a beeb, and gives you 32bit processing and 4Mb RAM. Wow. Just look at all those chips! Comes complete with Acorn OEM Manuals: ARM assembler ARM software ARM hardware ARM system BBC BASIC TWIN (text editor) and a book, ARM Assembly Language programming, by Peter Cockerell. MTC First edition, 1987. also includes "The ARM Procedure Call Standard - Draft Issue 2/01" photocopy. Acorn software discs included (not pictured) : Disc 1: Twin & Assembler, Disc 2: Utilities1, Disc 3: Utilities2 & Basic This is unit serial no. 1000038. It was a competition prize from acorn; I bought it from the winner later on. The Acorn PSU failed early in its life, possibly due to all that memory drawing current, it might be fixable, but I havn't tried: the unit functions perfectly from an external 5V stabalised PSU. (Apologies for the low quality of the pictures; I only have access to a webcam! )

Thanks to Dave Moore for these photos and info:
Here are some pictures of the 4Mb RISC "A500 Second Processor" for the BBC Micro (effectively an Archimedes prototype that was used by Acorn to develop early arc software). It is too long to fit inside a "cheese wedge" and is not to be confused with the ARM Evaluation System!

Thanks to Paul Jagger for these photos. Info from Paul: The Acorn 32016 2nd Processor (with upgrade from 512K to 1MB). I recently acquired one of these with the associated PANOS operating system and languages, etc. The National Semiconductor 32016 processor was also fitted in the various Acorn Cambridge Workstations
Universal Co-Processor Adaptor out of its box

I am not sure what this is. Have you any idea? The longer lead is exactly the same as a BBC printer lead. The other lead looks like it is meant to plug into the User Port. Paras Sidapara thinks it may be a second printer port adaptor
Dice 6502. In circuit emulator
Thanks to Angela for this photo and info:
Digital to Analogue Converter. The box connects directly by ribbon cable to the user port 20 way connector. By sending a number from 0 to 65536 to the User Port on your BBC micro this board converts the digital signal into a voltage between 0 and (I think) 1.8 Volts (maybe slightly higher). I used this board coupled to a BBC micro to allow children to practice and be computer tested on their accuracy reading an analogue voltmeter

Econet Clock Box. Thanks to Andrew Poole for these photos

Acorn Econet Clock. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this

U.S. Econet Clock. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this
Photo and info from from P.Jagger: Here is a photo of an original Acorn Econet Real Time Clock module. I presume this was required for Econet Fileservers running on a BBC B/B+ with a 6502 2nd Processor, since to the best of my knowledge only the BBC Master had a real time clock built in, or I am totally wrong and it serves some other purpose.

Real Time Clock. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this

Thanks to Geoff Stevens for photos of this Technomatic Timewarp Real Time Clock
Thanks to Gordon Dyer for sending this photo of an Econet Terminator

Econet Test Box. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this
Acorn Econet X25 gateway box It is a light purple box, containing a BBC B+ motherboard populated with several eproms, interfaced to a dual Z80 second processor board via the tube. It was designed to bridge between Acorn Econet networks and X25 Packet networks. This system runs a custom OS, but removal of eproms will allow it to boot as a normal BBC B+ albeit with no keyboard.

SJ Clock. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this

U.S. Terminator. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this

Master Compact with Mertec Compact Companion expansion, which has a 2MHz bus, an analogue port and a user port. Thanks to Chris Millard of CGEUK for these photos