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The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

The Domesday Machine

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The BBC Domesday project started in the mid-80s. Using a dedicated system shown here.

Now 25 years on, some of this rarely seen before data is available to the public. The BBC is asking people in the UK to send in their current photos and/or text to help create an updated snapshot of Britain in 2011.

At the BBC

147,819 pages and 23,225 photos included pictures, maps, video, surveys, statistics, essays and personal testimonies are now stored on a single website.

To celebrate the launch of Domesday Reloaded, there is a mash up video of old school BBC footage from the original Domesday launch accompanied by a new school Drum n' Bass sound track:


For further information about Domesday Reloaded:

at the BBC These photos were supplied by a person selling the machine on Ebay.
Here is some of the info that was in the advert:

Ebay Advert

This is possibly one of the hardest Acorn machines to find.

One of these machines is actually on display in the Science Museum. its importance cannot be understated.

From a vintage computing point of view, this item was an amazing piece of equipment for the time. One of the first true Multimedia machines. More important though is its social relevance. As a snapshot of life in the 1980s, this data is invaluable.

Many efforts are currently being made to retrieve, archive and re-format this information. There have been numerous press stories recently about this data. Most referring to the fact that the information contained within the original Domesday Book is more accessible than the 1980s project.

I have never seen one of these machines on ebay before, and

I would imagine that finding a similar complete working setup with discs would be very difficult indeed.

This auction contains the following items:
BBC Micro 'Domesday' - (Beefed up Master with 2nd processor and SCSI card)
Phillips LV ROM Player - (with genlock)
The Domesday Project discs - both discs, boxed
AMX Mouse
Acorn Rollerball
Cumana 40/80 drive
All connecting cables.

Only one thing missing, the remote control for the laser disc player

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