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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

Human Interface

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Cub Monitor Touch Screen. Here are three shots of a Cub monitor touch screen. The monitor sits in the frame, there are two leads, one goes to the disc drive power supply and the other goes to the RS 423 connection on the back of the BBC. Then all you need is a bit of software that uses it. It works by using an infra red grid shone across the front of the screen.
Quest Mouse
Watford Mouse. Thanks to Jon Irvine

AMX Mouse. Thanks to Michael Foot
Four Mice
Mouse. Not a lot of software uses them 
Roller ball

Marconi RB2 and odd adaptor thing required to make it work

Quest Trackerball.Thanks to Michael Foot
R.H. Electronics Light Pen

RH Lightpen Box. Thanks to Michael Foot
Stack Light Pen

Various shots of home made light pens. Instructions for building on TBI-47. I have most of the bits required if you are interested. Hover over the thmbnail for a description
Watford Electronics Light Pen. Thanks to Michael Foot

Cumana Touchpad

Concept keyboard.

Wiring for lead: 20 way IDC connector. Ribbon cable (red edge (wire 1) to pin 1 of IDC). To 'D' type 25 way plug. First number is ribbon cable wire, second number is 'D' plug pin number. 1-25 2-13 6-12 8-11 10-10 12-9 14-8 16-7 18-6 19-5 20-3

Concept Keyboard and Box. Thanks to Rich Hall
Concept Keyboard and Box. Thanks to Rich Hall

Voltmace 14B interface
Pro Link Joystick interface. Joins an Atari type joystick to the User Port. Complete with software
Twin Joysticks 
Twin Acorn Joysticks
Twin Voltmace Joysticks
A Single Joystick
Here is an unusual joystick. If anyone knows anything about it, I would appreciate some info
Joystick Adaptor
Taken from an Ebay auction: Wizard Sidewinder Electron Joystick interface and Sideways ROM Expansion Board
Voltmace Delta Joystick and Box. Thanks to Jon Irvine
Another Voltmace Joystick. Thanks to Jon Irvine
A Collection of Joysticks. Thanks to Jon Irvine
Bud Joystick Adaptor. Thanks to Jon Irvine
Joystick Adaptor
Joystick Extension
An interesting looking Joystick. Thanks to Rich Hall for this
Another single joystick
Electron Commander 3 Joystick Interface. Thanks to Rich Hall for this photo

Slogger Joystick Interface. Thanks to G.Dyer for this Electron item
Numeric keypad. Thanks to the eBay seller for this photo

Barcode Scanner. Thanks to the eBay seller for this photograph

Wizard Joystick Interface. Thanks to Paul Collins for these photos