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Eprom Programmers

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  Eprom Programmers
HCR Eprom Programmer
Multiprom Eprom Programmer

I think this is a Beebug Softline Eprom Programmer. It plugs in to the User Port.  
ATPL Eprom Programmer. Thanks to Rich Hall for pointing this photo out and thanks to the eBay seller for the photo
Thanks to Derek Kennedy for this photo of the Watford Eprommer
Morley Eprom programmer
Eprom Eraser
Watford Electronics Eprom Eraser. Thanks to Jonathan Irvine for this

Thanks to Derek Kennedy for these photos of an Atom Eprom Programmer

Home made Eprom Programmer designed and made by Angus Duggan here's how to make it.

This is Angus Duggan's Eprom Programmer made up by John Simpson

Solidisk Eprom Programmer

BB Eprom programmer. Looks just like the above Solidisk one. Thanks to Geoff Stevens for these photos and the manual

Technomatic Eprom Programmer. Thanks to Andrew Hancock for these photos
CTL Eprommer. Thanks to the ebay seller for this photo
Adder Eprommer. Thanks to the ebay seller for this photo

UVI Eprommer. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this