The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

Unrecognised items

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Boards Things you put inside your Beeb
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  What are these things?

Lead for a satellite receiver(I think). If anyone knows more about this, I would appreciate the info! Thanks to Richard hall for this scan of an advert that might have something to do with it. Advertising a satellite system
Some sort of control box. Further info would be appreciated if you know how it works!

This is a box I found. Does anyone have any idea what it is supposed to do? From the look of the chips it is comething to do with communications maybe. P.J.Roozen says: I can't be sure but as far as I can make out the ICs used are of type 74LS244 which is a tristate line buffer/driver. My guess is that it is a bi-directional parallel port buffer since two ICs are used each of which is 8 bits wide