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Postage Problems

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Hi Chris,

To let you know that my order has been received today (Bit cut out CJR), in one peice. Thanks very much, a first class service.

By the way, alongside the Parcelforce page you could start another page of problems about other courier companies. I ordered some goods from R.S. about 10 days ago on next day delivery with Securicor Omega Express. On the day of delivery (3 days later!), the driver did a similar trick to P.F. by leaving the van in the middle of the road with the engine running, getting out the van (minus the parcel but clutching an attempted delivery card), ringing the doorbell while posting the card and legging it. I happened to be standing in the window at the time and barely had time to move before he was at the top of my street in a cloud of deisel smoke! I phoned the number which was rubber stamped on the back of the card, and found that the driver was using cards belonging to the wrong depot! The man at the other end of the line gave me the correct number which I duly rang. I was asked for a parcel number which was supposed to be written on the card by the driver - it was missing. I was told that nothing could be done without this number so, remaining very calm and refraining from using blue language, I explained what I had just witnessed. After a 15 minute argument my parcel was located but they still couldn't give me the parcel number. A new delivery time of " between 9 am and 5 pm the following day " was arranged and guaranteed - very specific aren't they! I had arranged for a friend to take delivery of the parcel as I had to go back to work the day in question. Needless to say the delivery wasn't made. I telephoned again and was asked for the parcel number again and the same argument followed. A new delivery time of today (02/02/01) was arranged and I return home from work today to find - NO PARCEL. I tried to call the delivery number but it is only open Mon - Fri - 9am-5pm. I am very, very dissatisfied with this service to put it mildly!!

I now have to wait until Monday to telephone again for a new delivery time.

I am currently drafting a strong letter of complaint. I would advise you against being tempted to use this service for sending any of your 8bs mailings.

Sorry for waffling on but I thought you may like to know about this as you send a lot of parcels yourself.

(Bit cut out CJR)

Till then, thanks for the speedy sending of my goodies.


Nick Payne

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