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Repton 2 Hints and Solutions

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Repton 2 Hints and Solution

Thanks to the Impact Games Club for the info and maps

REPTON 2 Hints

The hardest part about Repton 2 is knowing where you actually are and where you will end up when you transport. The maps with this help sheet have the positions of all the transporters marked with a number. The number corresponds to the number of the screen where you will arrive. It is not possible to give the route through the game as it is just too complex. You will find it easier to look at the section on th emap that you are about to attempt and try to work out what to do before you attempt it.

The first screen (or "control screen" as many people refer to it) contains 22 transporters and it is the order of use of these transporters that is one of the most critical aspects of the game. Again hopefully the maps will give you a total view of the game that will allow you to work this out.

There are not a great number of other things to tell that will be of much help but here are a few things that regularly cause problems:

1. The Repton shuffIe ~this is where you want to go down a passage but there is a rock at the top which will fall if you move the earth from under it and it will hen block your way.The thing to do is go onto the earth so that you are holding the rock on your head. Now move to one side and then immediately back again. The rock will be falling and will be pushed to the side. Any further rocks above that one can be caught on your head. This is a special feature and does not conform to the usual logic.

2. Cracked eggs - it is possible to walk through cracked eggs before they turn into monsters. This is essential on one screen where there is an egg immediately above a key. Cracked eggs also will not fall any further even if the earth is moved from beneath them.

3. Spirits - many people ask how to get spirits into cages that are not touching walls. This one is easy - find a rock and create an extended wall. Finding the rock and getting it there might be slightly harder.

4. Dazed spirits - these are caused by hitting a spirit with a rock in most instances. This often occurs off screen so that you do not know how it has happened. The rule is - never push a rock unless you have to.

REPTON 2 The Solution

Here are scans of maps that the following solution refers to:
Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 All zipped

Thanks to Michael Hunsley for drawing the Repton 2 Maps

The Game : In order to complete Repton 2 you must collect all the 4744 earth sections, collect all the 1634 diamonds, kill all the 18 monsters, use all the 64 transporters, collect all the 42 jigsaw puzzle pieces, and collect the 'finish character', which is positioned at the top right-hand corner of the 1st screen. It really is possible to get to the end !!

Each level requires you to solve a series of puzzles by determining your routes carefully.

The puzzles are often craftily construced, and some involve a time element. A rock or egg will fall if it is unsupported, and if a falling rock lands on you it will kill you. Contact with the monsters, spirits, meteors or skulls is also fatal. You have three lives. There is no time limit to any section of the game.

Scattered throughout the 16 levels are all the pieces of a 42 piece puzzle. When each piece is collected it reappears at the bottom of the first screen. The completed puzzle reads 'REPTON 2 IS ENDED'.

The surface of the first screen cannot be accessed immediately because the way is blocked by 5 skulls, 5 puzzle pieces, and are also inaccessible due to another 5 skulls. These skulls do, however, disappear. One pair disappears when each of the following tasks is completed : collecting all the earth, collecting all the diamonds, killing all the monsters, using all the transporters, collecting 41 out of the 42 puzzle pieces. The surface of the first screen can then be reached and the 'Finish character' collected.

TRANSPORTERS : The 16 levels are connected by transporters. Each transporter may be used only once, and it always transports to the same position on the same screen.

EGGS & MONSTERS : When an egg falls, it cracks upon landing and a monster emerges. Monsters are killed by falling boulders.

SPIRITS : On many levels, there are up to 8 spirits. Spirits always follow the wall to their left until they reach a cage. When a spirit enters a cage, it changes into a diamond. therefore to complete the game, you must also cage all the spirits. Spirits are normally immune to any falling object. However, it is sometimes possible to daze a spirit by collecting all the diamonds from immediately around it or by dropping boulders onto it. This is to be avoided, as the spirit will then move endlessly in a small circle.

METEORS : Meteors fall from above on 6 of the levels of play. 2 other levels are also open to space, but no meteors fall from the sky.

SAFES & KEYS : Some diamonds are hidden in safes, which can only be opened by locating and moving over a combination key. When a key is collected, all the safes on that level open to reveal their diamonds.

SCORING : Each earth section scores 3,4 or 5 points. Each diamond scores 6 points.

THE STATUS CHARACTER : On some levels there is a 'status character'. When this is moved over, the current status screen is displayed.

Left / Right Z / X
UP / Down * / ?
RETURN returns to status screen (and stops timer).
ESCAPE Kill yourself (useful if you become trapped).
S sound on. D music on. Q sound off. W music off.
R return to start of game.

Graphics : most characters etc look fairly obvious. Diamonds are double, many sided cones; earth look like a grass turve; a transporter looks like a tunnel; a boulder is obvious - a meteor is similar, but wavy lines all over it. Less obvious are ; a key is two crossed bars; a spirit looks more like a beetle; a puzzle piece looks like a Tetris piece; the status character is a diamond shape (but obviously not one of the diamonds); the Finish character looks strange, more or less round.