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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

Cyber Roaster 18/10/1999

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Programmed and Submitted by Edmund Burke
 Try this short program out. An exercise in transfer of text to the BBC for you. How did you do it? I would be keen to find out..
Incidentally, the program requires a TIME$ function on your machine.

   10 CLS
   30 PRINT'"Are you cooking beef, lamb, chicken, pork or turkey (enter B/L/C/P/T)"
   40 INPUT M$:IF M$="B" THEN meat$="beef"ELSE IF M$="L"THEN meat$="lamb"ELSE IF M$="C" THEN meat$="chicken"ELSE IF M$="P"THEN meat$="pork"ELSE IF M$="T"THEN meat$="turkey"
   50 CLS
   60 INPUT''"Enter the weight in kg.",W
   70 L=W*2.2046
   80 CLS
   90 PRINT'"That is ";L;" lb."
  100 PRINT'"Because we are cooking ";meat$;:IF meat$="chicken" AND L<3 THEN PRINT " and the weight is under 3lb"
  110 IF M$="P" THEN M=30 ELSE M=20:IF M$="C" AND L<3 THEN M=15
  120 PRINT " it will be ";M;" minutes per lb. and ";M;" minutes over."
  130 TM=(M*L)+M
  140 H%=TM DIV 60: M%=TM MOD 60
  150 PRINT'"The total cooking time is ";H%;" hr. and ";M%;" min. Press any key when cooking starts."
  160 G=GET
  170 T$=RIGHT$(TIME$,8)
  180 CLS
  190 CLOCK$=RIGHT$(TIME$,8)
  200 MIN$=LEFT$(CLOCK$,5)
  210 H$=LEFT$(MIN$,2):M$=RIGHT$(MIN$,2)
  220 H=VAL(H$):M=VAL(M$)
  230 FH=H%+H:FM=M%+M
  250 END
  270 R=FM
  280 Q=R DIV 60
  290 S=FH+Q
  300 NFM=R MOD 60
  310 PRINT'' "The time is now ";RIGHT$(TIME$,8)
  320 PRINT'"The "meat$;" is due out of the oven at ";S;":";NFM;" to the nearest minute."

This is how I transferred it to my real Master 128.

1. Copied and pasted the text into wordpad and saved as plain text to 3.5" 720K DOS floppy
2. Loaded DOSFS into my Master 128
3. Loaded the text file into EDIT on the Master (where I could check it out, admittedly I could have just done *EX. <filename> instead)
4. Entered Basic from EDIT, thus converting the text to a program

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