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Colin Culpit Smith's Y2K Fix

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Hi Chris  - following your recent question of 'Have I submitted my Y2K fix for BBCs?', the answer is not until now! I don't really know whether anyone will find it of use, but I know I certainly do! I'm attaching a zip copy of this simple Basic file which I load via a boot-up program, when I run WW+. There's no reason  why it can't be  used with general Basic applications.
As you will see, it corrects the date held by the BBC Master, to be Millenium compliant and stores the modified date in function key 0 in Basic, or Chtrl+Shift+f0 in WW+. Hope someone will find it of value....

Colin Culpitt-Smith 

Download a zip of the BASIC program

The files are in the .inf format, use BBC Explorer 2 to drg them into a BBC disc image 


NOTE the | sign shown here is the CONTROL character (just to the right and below the BREAK key on the Master 128)

   10 REM Program 'KEYS' - sets correct Y2K date & fkeys in WW+
   20 REM 'DAY1'=lst digit of date
   30 REM 'DAY2'=2nd digit of date
   40 REM 'DAY3'=both digits of date
   50 REM 'YR'=last 2 digits of year
   60 REM Ctrl+Shift+f/key 0 holds modified date:-
   70 OSCLI "KEY 0 "+FNdate+" |M |M"
   80 PROCkeys
   90 END
  100 DEF FNdate
  110 T$=TIME$
  130 UNTIL MID$(T$,8,3)=LEFT$(M$,3)
  140 DAY1=VAL(MID$(T$, 5,1))
  150 DAY2=VAL(MID$(T$, 6,1))
  160 DAY3=VAL(MID$(T$, 5,2))
  170 YR=VAL(MID$(T$,14,2))
  180 IF DAY2=0 OR DAY2>3 B$="th"
  190 IF DAY2=1 B$="st"
  200 IF DAY2=2 B$="nd"
  210 IF DAY2=3 B$="rd"
  220 IF DAY1=1 AND DAY2=1 OR DAY1=1 AND DAY2=2 OR DAY1=1 AND DAY2=3 THEN B$="th"
  230 IF YR>=95 AND YR<=99 THEN GOTO 250
  240 IF YR>=0 AND YR<=10 THEN GOTO 260
  250 =STR$(DAY3)+B$+" "+M$+" "+MID$(T$,12,4):END
  260 =STR$(DAY3)+B$+" "+M$+" "+"20"+MID$(T$,14,2):END
  270 DATA January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
  280 DEF PROCkeys
  290 REM Ctrl+Shift+F/keys for use in WW+ - alter to suit user
  300 *KEY1 |!!US|!"
  310 *KEY2 |!!UE|!"
  320 *KEY3 |!!ES64 |!!EP |!!LNS |!!DP35 |!!JO |!!ES120,B% |!!TS0 |M |!!LM5 |!!LL68 |!!PL68 |!!EM |M |M
  330 *KEY4 |!!CE |!"  |!!US |!"
  340 *KEY5 |!!JO |!"
  350 *KEY6 |!!NJ |!"
  360 *KEY7 |!!EM  |!! BP
  370 *KEY8 |!!ES51,16,27,15,27,83,48 |!"
  375 REM degree Sign *KEY9  |!!ES80 |!!ES83,0 |!"o |!!ES84 |!!ES40 |!"
  380 REM eject command for Epson LQ-100:-
  385 *KEY9 |!!ES25, "R" |!"

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