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Yur'e Alan Partridge Game

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A new game by Dave Edwards. Now released and available in the 8BS pool as TBI-180. Here is some info and a few screenshots of the game by Dave:

"YOU'RE ALAN PARTRIDGE. A public domain game by the Organ Grinder's Monkey, pits you in a battle of wills as the gregarious, ever popular TV character. You're up against Ray Woollard, "one of the toughest interviewers in the business" and his sidekick, Digital Dave.

"YAP is the first modern game developed for a retro format, and includes full screen comic-book style interaction between the characters, a demonstration interview, on-screen scoring and six levels to battle your way through.

"YAP also utilises the Millsgrade Voxbox expansion on the Acorn Electron, allowing Digital Dave to actually pose the questions in audible English. YAP is the first, and only, game for the Acorn Electron that incorporates speech synthesis in a realistic and humorous fashion. However, the game also works on a BBC B, B+ and Master 128.

"YAP is a Mode 4 game and includes gorgeous graphics, blips and whistles, speech synthesis and a sense of fun. It is a tribute to the enduring fans of the series "I'm Alan Partridge" and poses multiple choice questions on each of the six episodes that make up Series 2. Each level requires a set number of questions to be answered correctly.

"Do you remember which was Alan's favourite pump at the BP garage? Or why there were holes in his morning newspaper? Or which of Sonja's practical jokes actually worked? If so, and if you also love retro then you will love YOU'RE ALAN PARTRIDGE.

"Also featured on the disc is a "Creation And Credits" demonstration, showing how elements of the game were created, including the progression of the speech bubbles and graphics that ultimately did not make the final version of the game.

"YOU'RE ALAN PARTRIDGE is something special and was premiered at the CGE UK show on an Acorn Electron with Millsgrade Voxbox.

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