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Wakefield 2013

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20th April 2013 I attended the Wakefield Show. Not as an exhibitor but as a member of stardot

My apologies for the wavyness of the video and the blurred photos.
Here is a video of some of it.

Or Download It In MP4 Format

The Domesday System. This one fully working, repaired by Jason Flynn

The Domesday System

Beebmaster's Biscuit Box Cheese Wedge

Beebmaster's Domesday Laser Disc Player. Under Repair

Beebmaster Placing an Econet Module Into Leenew's Recently Repaired Beeb

Will it work?


Beebmaster's Laser Disc Player under repair

The Tables

Beebmaster's Econet

The working Domesday Machine

Attaching Disc Drives With Leads That Are Too Short.

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