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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

Drives, Filesevers and Tapedecks

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Acorn Tape Deck 

Electron Tape Deck. Thanks to Dave Edwards for these photos
Electron Tape Deck

Thanks to Gordon Dyer for these photos of an Acorn Data Recorder

Torch Graduate. Simply plugs into the BBC 1MHz bus, nothing extra required for the BBC, everything required for the system is within the box even a disc interface, so you can plug it into a tape only machine. Turns the BBC into a DOS machine, will also run GDFS allowing you to use DFS discs.
Winchester Hard Drive. This one contains a 30 megabyte hard drive. I have only used 7 meg of the space and there's TONS of software on it!

Thanks to Jeremy Shepherd for these 9 photos of an MDFS Fileserver

An MDFS Fileserver with single 40 megabyte hard disc drive

Domesday Laserdisc. Thanks to Paul Jagger for these photos. More on the Domesday system here

Scsi interface for the Domesday system. Thanks to Ian Wolstenholme for this

Photos of a Syquest drive, power supply and discs. The removable discs will hold 5 megabytes each. This particular one does work but does not have the interface required. To test it out, I simply plugged the unit into my hard disc drive interface
Midwich Hard Drive. This hard drive is for a BBC. It uses DFS
Torch disc drive. Thanks to lee@vintagecomputer.co.uk

Torch disc drive. Thanks tothe eBay seller for these

Byte Drive and the 3" disc that it uses 
Twin 5.25" to 3.5" drive in a single unit
A 3.5" twin drive
3 inch Disc Drive
5.25" to 3.5" Drive. Thanks to M.Pye for this photo
Watford disc drives in plinth
A nice Cumana 3.5" drive
Watford Twin 3.5" drive. Thanks to David Klotz for this photo
Thanks to Richard Perrins for this photo of a Disc drive and interesting case
Cumana Disc Drive. Thanks to Richard Hall for this photo

Thanks to Paul Suttleworth for these photos of a disc drive with front opening door. While we are at it, Paul sent a photo of his setup
Thanks to Kris Adcock for the photo. Thanks to Paras Sidapara for the info. Opus Challenger 3-in-1 PCB (drive interface and drive in one box, connects to 1MHz BUS)
Inside a Cumana twin disc drive. Thanks to Rik Steenwinkel. Info from Rik: Inside of a Cumana dual 5.25" drive unit. Note the wires (red/white/yellow) attached to the drive logic board, and running to a 40/80 track select switch on the back. Ribbon cable has been disconnected from the front drive to allow viewing the switch wiring and the power supply, of which each drive has a separate one
Ram Disc. Thanks to Brian Thackeray for this photo

Watford Disc Drive Sharer. Front and back photos. Allows 3 computers to share one disc drive
An adapter to join two single disc drives. Thanks to eBay seller Boxicle for this
External Power Supply. Thanks to eBay seller jayedan for this
Electron Plus 3 and box
Jonathan Harston's Multidrive