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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

Acorn Application Notes in PDF Format

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Acorn Applications in
Adobe Acrobat, PDF Format
From Nick B


Thanks to Nick B for these downloads and the following info about them:

When Acorn were in existence and had a www site back in 1997 I downloaded various application notes from their webserver but the HTML document formatting was never right. Recently I discovered arcorn.riscos.com but found the files to be in either PS or arc format. I'd dabbled with various PS viewers in the past but never really had much luck and certainly couldn't justify spending a fortune on Adobe software to do the job.

I managed to get my hands on a postscript printer at work which was a start. I printed some hard copies out but the print quality wasn't terribly good and I still had no method of previewing (COPY /B FILE.PS LPT1). Then after some web searching I re-discovered GhostScript, a free program for viewing and printing PS files. The latest version has a PS to PDF converter facility so I ran all the appnotes through this and was impresed with the results.

The only downside though is that the output page size is fixed at 8.5x11 inches but the more recent Acrobat viewers will scale them to fit on A4 paper with no noticable lack of quality. I think there are still the odd one or two appnotes that are only available in arc format. Next time boot up my A3020 I will see if I can extract them and transfer them across to a PC via floppies.

Hope you find them useful,


You can download the free Adobe Acrobat reader here

  All Notes in one Zip
001 Composite Video Colour Modifications
002 Using the Olivetti JP101 Printer
003 The 1Mhz Bus Application Note
004 Tube Application Note
005 Use of *FX 3
006 Z80 Second Processor User Guide Errata
007 Z80 Second Processor Application Note
008 View Hints and Tips
009 Viewstore Hints and Tips
010 Printing Lables From a View Macro File
011a Copying the Viewspell Utility Disc From DFS to ADFS
012 How to Write a Viewstore Utility
013 Acorn Electron Plus 1. Disabling the Centronics and A/D Port
014 Acorn Electron Cartridge Interface Specification
015 Acorn Electron Expansion Note
016 Acorn Electron Screen Displays
018 Acorn Electron User Guide Errata
019 DFS Error Messages
020 *FX/OSBYTE Features not documented in the BBC User Guide
021 Connecting Joysticks to the BBC Micro
023 Disc Filing System User Guide Addendum
024 Advanced Disc Filing System User Guide Addendum
027 BBC User Guide Errata UK Version
028 Issue II BASIC
029 Information on the BBC B+ 128k
030 Information on the BBC B+ 128k Additional User Information
032 BASIC IV Application Note
033 Using BAS128 on the Master 128 and Compact
034 Edbin and Move User Guide
035 BBC Master 128 Cartridge Interface
036 Master 128 Welcome Disc Convertor Program
037 Functional Differences Master 128 BBC B and BBC B +
039 Changing the RS 423 Data Format
041 Master 128 Welcome Guide Addendum
042 Inserting ROMs into the Master 128
043 Master Series OS Note (3.20)
044 ANFS Application Note
045 ADFS Application Note
046 EDIT Application Note
047 TERMINAL Application Note
049 Master 512 Applications Compatibility and Software List
050 Master 512 Technical Information and Monitor Documentation
051 Master 512 Mouse Driver Demo Program
053 Downloading DFS into the Master Compact
054 Connecting a 5.25" Disc Drive to a Master Compact
055 Saving Timpaint onto a Blank Disc
058 6502 to ARM Application Note
203 Master Series Configuration Guidelines
208 Adding External Floppy Drives to RISC OS Machines
238 All 8 bit Acorn port pinouts
247 Sharing Monitors on a single RISC OS
249 Connecting Monitors to all Acorn Machines


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