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8769 BASIC Keyword Execution Address List

Submitted by Steve Fewell


The BASIC ROM contains a list of execution addresses between locations &8769 and &884C.
For each address, the list contains 2-bytes of information specifying which address should be
jumped to in order to execute that command (LSB first, MSB second).

The table contains an address for each Keyword Token in the range &8E to &FF.
Plus three extra addresses the meanings of which are currently unknown.
BASIC jumps to the appropriate Execution address, depending of the value of the Token.

The following Tokens do not need an execution address, as BASIC handles these tokens
separately (either in relation to other Keywords or as part of expressions):
   &80 - AND
   &81 - DIV
   &82 - EOR
   &83 - MOD
   &84 - OR
   &85 - ERROR
   &86 - LINE
   &87 - OFF
   &88 - STEP
   &89 - SPC
   &8A - TAB(
   &8B - ELSE
   &8C - THEN
   &8D - Missing [+ ASCII 32 (Space)]

Location of address Execution adress Keyword/Desc
&8769 &AADF OPENIN (token 8E)
&876B &AAC9 =PTR (token 8F)
&876D &AE08 =PAGE (token 90)
&876F &AE44 =TIME (token 91)
&8771 &AE29
=LOMEM (token 92)
&8773 &AE2F =HIMEM (token 93)
&8775 &ACB7 ABS (token 94)
&8777 &A89C ACS (token 95)
&8779 &ADEC ADVAL (token 96)
&877B &ABB3 ASC (token 97)
&877D &A8A1 ASN (token 98)
&877F &A8C3 ATN (token 99)
&8781 &AAD7 BGET (token 9A)
&8783 &A90E COS (token 9B)
&8785 &AE25 COUNT (token 9C)
&8787 &A9D8 DEG (token 9D)
&8789 &AE35 ERL (token 9E)
&878B &AE3B ERR (token 9F)
&878D &AB05 EVAL (token A0)
&878F &A9DF EXP (token A1)
&8791 &AAC5 EXT (token A2)
&8793 &ABE8 FALSE (token A3)
&8795 &B017 FN (token A4)
&8797 &AE3F GET (token A5)
&8799 &ABC2 INKEY (token A6)
&879B &AC36 INSTR( (token A7)
&879D &AB8A INT (token A8)
&879F &AE11 LEN (token A9)
&87A1 &A746 LN (token AA)
&87A3 &A9CF LOG (token AB)
&87A5 &AA93 NOT (token AC)
&87A7 &AAE7 OPENUP (token AD)
&87A9 &AAE3 OPENOUT (token AE)
&87AB &AAFF PI (token AF)
&87AD &AC0E POINT( (token B0)
&87AF &AAA3 POS (token B1)
&87B1 &A9C8 RAD (token B2)
&87B3 &AA73 RND (token B3)
&87B5 &ABF5 SGN (token B4)
&87B7 &A90D SIN (token B5)
&87B9 &A7B5 SQR (token B6)
&87BB &A59B TAN (token B7)
&87BD &ADF9 TO (token B8)
&87BF &ABDB TRUE (token B9)
&87C1 &AAA9 USR (token BA)
&87C3 &AB49 VAL (token BB)
&87C5 &AABC VPOS (token BC)
&87C7 &B22F CHR$ (token BD)
&87C9 &AE69 GET$ (token BE)
&87CB &AEB3 INKEY$ (token BF)
&87CD &AE73 LEFT$( (token C0)
&87CF &AEC5 MID$( (token C1)
&87D1 &AE74 RIGHT$( (token C2)
&87D3 &AF1C STR$( (token C3)
&87D5 &AF47 STRING$( (token C4)
&87D7 &ABCF EOF (token C5)

End of function execution addresses. Below the list continues with the execition
addresses for the BASIC commands.
&87D9 &9489 AUTO (token C6)
&87DB &9317 DELETE (token C7)
&87DD &8F20 LOAD (token C8)
&87DF &B3DD LIST (token C9)
&87E1 &8F7D NEW (token CA)
&87E3 &8F00 OLD (token CB)
&87E5 &9384 RENUMBER (token CC)
&87E7 &BE55 SAVE (token CD)
&87E9 &B393 EDIT (token CE)
&87EB &BE97 PTR= (token CF)
&87ED &9634 PAGE= (token D0)
&87EF &9679 TIME= (token D1)
&87F1 &9620 LOMEM= (token D2)
&87F3 &960F HIMEM= (token D3)
&87F5 &B2C8 SOUND (token D4)
&87F7 &BEBD BPUT (token D5)
&87F9 &92BE CALL (token D6)
&87FB &8EFB CHAIN (token D7)
&87FD &963E CLEAR (token D8)
&87FF &BEAE CLOSE (token D9)
&8801 &97E0 CLG (token DA)
&8803 &97E7 CLS (token DB)
&8805 &8FAE DATA (token DC)
&8807 &8FAE DEF (token DD)
&8809 &9534 DIM (token DE)
&880B &97A6 DRAW (token DF)
&880D &8F25 END (token E0)
&880F &9B9A ENDPROC (token E1)
&8811 &B2EC ENVELOPE (token E2)
&8813 &B618 FOR (token E3)
&8815 &B6D9 GOSUB (token E4)
&8817 &B71D GOTO (token E5)
&8819 &9741 GCOL (token E6)
&881B &9C08 IF (token E7)
&881D &B8B6 INPUT (token E8)
&881F &904A LET (token E9)
&8821 &9703 LOCAL (token EA)
&8823 &975F MODE (token EB)
&8825 &97A2 MOVE (token EC)
&8827 &B4F1 NEXT (token ED)
&8829 &B75B ON (token EE)
&882B &980D VDU (token EF)
&882D &97B1 PLOT (token F0)
&882F &918D PRINT (token F1)
&8831 &96E4 PROC (token F2)
&8833 &B97D READ (token F3)
&8835 &8FAE REM (token F4)
&8837 &BA58 REPEAT (token F5)
&8839 &97F4 REPORT (token F6)
&883B &B94D RESTORE (token F7)
&883D &B707 RETURN (token F8)
&883F &8F12 RUN (token F9)
&8841 &9086 STOP (token FA)
&8843 &9755 COLOUR (token FB)
&8845 &9646 TRACE (token FC)
&8847 &BA17 UNTIL (token FD)
&8849 &B317 WIDTH (token FE)
&884B &BE87 OSCLI (token FF)

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